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captions i've written in the blank space after "week of..." on my dry erase bulletin board.

  • "dustly wings which fell from flesh, gasplessly."
  • "all of our scars are permanent, permanent."
  • "nothing and nowhere is golden."
  • "don't blame it on Justine."
  • "lonesome lows don't quite go away overnight."
  • "metal heart, you're not worth a thing."
  • "she was. Was."
  • "the pure acetylene virgin."
  • "she knows how much control is worth."
  • "erase this, she seemed to be saying. erase erase erase."
  • "a season of flowers, when for love, i crept to the edge of a rooftop to reach a petal-decked branch."
  • "this, and love too, will ruin us."
may 26 2008 ∞
jun 19 2008 +