• Keep a daily diary
  • Always take a ride on each carousel you see
  • Stop to give coins to every violinist you hear
  • Never pass a lemonade stand without buying a glass
  • Always have a drawing book and pencil handy
  • Take tea every afternoon
  • Scribble down your dreams at dawn
  • Take yourself to the cinema
  • Give a name to all the bumblebees you spy
  • Sleep in pretty nightgowns
  • Read your favourite poetry out loud
  • Write and illustrate your fondest memory
  • Carry your favourite sweeties in your left pocket
  • Wear a locket with faerie dust inside
  • Tie your hair up in ribbons
  • Remember always to be Brave
jul 2 2010 ∞
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user picture Virginia++: I don't know how to explain it, but this seemed to save me aug 17 2010
user picture elly: I'm glad.
user picture hollyowl: Simply wonderful (: mar 24 2011
user picture raindropsonroses : so dearly beautiful, thank you jun 22 2011