• composed of too-long limbs, all angles and surprising gracefulness
  • dark hair and too-big jumpers contrasted against pale skin and sharp bones
  • dim lighting makes cheekbones seem more prominent
  • curling toes into plush carpet
  • see all bumps of spine through shirt, ridging back (fingertips between vertebrae, a sort of lock and key)
  • tip of nose red from biting cold
  • eyelashes shimmer like tinsel from light rain
  • ragged thumbnail caught on jumper, jeans, lips
  • mouth softened in corners, an almost smile
  • pillow marks still left on cheeks
  • angles of elbows and shoulders sharp underneath layers of soft clothes.
  • slouched, hands dug into pockets, hood pulled up against wind, well-worn trainers
  • coffee in the morning? not too keen on coffee, takes tea
  • crossword puzzles and ink-stained fingertips and a bit on lip
  • voice warm and low and thick, hoarse from barely any sleep
  • like warm skin, all creased in sleep, hair soft and flattened against temple
  • like wine and champagne and secondhand smoke
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