• Gameboy DS lite (black)
  • Micro Korg
  • Hohner Melodica (alto)
  • Lost season 2 box set
  • ipod (black)
  • Comic Book Holocaust

i'm sure there is more but i can't remember right now

jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +
user picture fucko: micro-korgs are the shite. if you're ever in Sheffield, I'll let you have a go on mine, whilst reading Comic Book Holocaust (which is best in short bursts. Don't read it all in one shift at work, you'll be deadened to cock and fanny jokes. I don't know how.) sep 12 2006
user picture simon: GUESS WHAT!!!! WE'RE GETTING A MICRO KORG TOMORROW!!!!!!!! WELL, WILL IS sep 14 2006