i used to want to be

  • a doctor
  • a hunter
  • a teacher
  • and a mommy

all at once, and then i wanted to be

  • a fire jumper
  • a wing walker
  • and a hairstylist

but not

  • a mommy
  • or a teacher

because i don't like kids. And then I just decided I was going to be

  • a gold digger
  • and marry an old rich man

and while i was waiting for mr. money to get older i decided i was going to be

  • a stripper
  • a hooker
  • and an egg donor

by night, and

  • a hairstylist
  • and a runner

by day, but then I met someone, and things changed. :)

feb 7 2011 ∞
feb 7 2011 +