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phrases I relate to deeply:

  • generous skeptic
    • "The generous skeptic has insight into your field, your strengths and weaknesses. She wants you to succeed, but maybe, just maybe, sees something you don't. When the generous skeptic speaks up, she's taking a risk. If you respond to her generosity by arguing, by shutting down, by avoiding eye contact or becoming defensive, you've blown it. You've taken a gift and wasted it, and disrespected the gift giver at the same time." ©

things people have said about me:

  • reluctant optimist
  • "a lot of light and passion"
  • "not quiet"
    • (upon hearing that I was cripplingly shy for most of my life and am still quiet in uncertain situations) "no, I don't think you're quiet. in fact, 'not quiet' pretty much sums it up."
  • customer service machine
  • friendly outgoing
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