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Regarding Things to be Made:

  • Make some money
  • Improve my colorwork knitting skills
  • Learn how to sew tiny doll clothes
  • Buy sewing needles first
  • LYS-bought vs. thrifted yarn: 1:1 ratio
  • Actually use my deviantART account
  • Write again
  • Get published (no more of that "almost" crap or failing to do requested revisions in time)
  • Finish all Christmas presents by Christmas

Regarding My Health:

  • Weigh 108 pounds
  • Stop biting my nails
  • Have nice hands
  • Drink more water; faint less

Regarding the Use of My Brain:

  • Get some A's
  • Start reading books again
  • Fix how bad my grammar has gotten since I started hanging out with international students
  • Watch some Japanese TV/anime

Regarding Things That Don't Fit Into Any Other Category:

  • Let go of some childhood toys
  • $55/week
  • Be nice to my dad
  • Be nice to my grandma; just because she is a bitch doesn't mean I have to be one too

Regarding Becoming the Person I Want to Be:

  • Listen more
  • Don't be such a loner
  • Continue getting better at talking
  • Like my face
  • Be happy
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