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for art:

  • finish current commissions
  • do pixel art
  • try the semi-realism thing
  • get over negative feelings toward digital painting
  • do backgrounds, starting with just using a colored canvas instead of white
  • and then gradually getting up to real backgrounds
  • and maybe while I'm at it I'll learn to color

for health:

  • get better from this ulcer
  • honey fast to detox and start things off fresh
  • eat regularly
  • eat smaller amounts at a time
  • go on walks
  • stretch every day
  • do situps
  • develop my right arm muscles until they match the left in size and strength

for reading:

  • track how much I read in order to motivate myself to read more
  • use the counter of 400 words per page for online readings
  • read at least 10,000 pages in 2014

for money:

  • get a full-time job!!!
  • then reward myself with a (small) weaving loom
  • do the etsy thing
  • end the year with at least $5,000 in savings (amount tbd)
  • if I meet this goal, reward myself with a new computer.
    • derailed due to my computer breaking down at the end of august
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