• the first time i flew in an airplane it was a religious experience
  • you've thought of everything but some things can't be thought.
  • you wouldn't be here if you could choose
  • slip out quiet nobody's looking
  • see I was confiding in the toilet, I'm a a prisoner of war. My echo said stop me if you've heard this one before.
  • hey hey hey mother interstate can you deliver me from evil, make me honest, make me wedding cake.
  • message read on a bathroom wall said I don't feel at all like I fall. We're losin all touch, loosin' all touch, building a desert.
  • Says it was good to be alive but now he rides a comet's flame and won't be coming back again the Earth looks better from a star that's right above from where you are he didn't mean to make you cry
  • it's been a nightmare for me some 1980's greed gives me parachute dreams like old war movies
  • the current's far too strong it will carry you along till you're just like everyone
  • once a time put a tongue in your ear on the beach
  • once had a friend called oliver twisted who took life so slow that he occasionally missed it,
  • saying nothing, that's enough for me and at once i knew i was not magnificent
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