• in Hey by Pixies where it's like "and mary ain't you tired of THISS Uh Uh"
  • in Plateau when kurt's voice kinda goes out as he sings the line "Some belonged to strangers, some to folks you know"
  • "wiggly days and wiggly nights" with the guitar in "Cleo" by Built To Spill
  • the guitar part after the whispered "alright" in Attempt To Tip the Scales by Bright Eyes
  • the way Elliott says "sorry" in "Everything Reminds Me of Her"
  • the piano when Regina sings "like ancient bruises" in "Field Below"
  • Bob Dylan saying "ohhh mama"
  • "fuck you i wanted just to die"/ "god damn i'm tired of being polite"- buriedfed
  • in Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis where she's all "and you don't know what I done..." @ 2:24-2:32
  • the part of Maria's Little Elbows by Spar...
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nov 3 2011 +
  • people thinking i was a cool loner chick
  • having my riot grrrl/ nirvana/ courtney love/ 90's phase
  • The first week or so because i knew no one and had broken up with all my friends so it was weird/good
  • IB history
  • the last week of junior year when everyone was exempt from their exams except me and it was empty at school and mrs dowling told me I was one of her smartest students
  • when everyone all sang sentimental heart, baby its cold outside, needle in the hay, and home out loud in physics
  • having mr haradem send me to the principal's office
  • making ms boyselle cry
  • The time sasha and niki and I all went home to sasha's together and decided to stalk Nathan and he kinda caught us
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aug 26 2011 +
  • january 23 2007
  • october 21 2010
  • november 18 2009
  • february 2 1991
  • june 14 2011
  • june 16 2011
  • february 15 1980
  • september 7 2011
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feb 6 2012 +
  • the first time i flew in an airplane it was a religious experience
  • you've thought of everything but some things can't be thought.
  • you wouldn't be here if you could choose
  • slip out quiet nobody's looking
  • see I was confiding in the toilet, I'm a a prisoner of war. My echo said stop me if you've heard this one before.
  • hey hey hey mother interstate can you deliver me from evil, make me honest, make me wedding cake.
  • message read on a bathroom wall said I don't feel at all like I fall. We're losin all touch, loosin' all touch, building a desert.
  • Says it was good to be alive but now he rides a comet's flame and won't be coming back again the Earth looks better from a star that's right above from where you are he didn't mean to make you cry
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