• in Hey by Pixies where it's like "and mary ain't you tired of THISS Uh Uh"
  • in Plateau when kurt's voice kinda goes out as he sings the line "Some belonged to strangers, some to folks you know"
  • "wiggly days and wiggly nights" with the guitar in "Cleo" by Built To Spill
  • the guitar part after the whispered "alright" in Attempt To Tip the Scales by Bright Eyes
  • the way Elliott says "sorry" in "Everything Reminds Me of Her"
  • the piano when Regina sings "like ancient bruises" in "Field Below"
  • Bob Dylan saying "ohhh mama"
  • "fuck you i wanted just to die"/ "god damn i'm tired of being polite"- buriedfed
  • in Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis where she's all "and you don't know what I done..." @ 2:24-2:32
  • the part of Maria's Little Elbows by Sparklehorse where the music changes and he says that line that's from The Velvet Underground (You know I've really come to hate my body..) at 2:20
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