• 1st Jan-New Years party
  • 3nd Jan-5th Jan: Grampians with S, D & M.
  • 8th/9th Jan- Sleepover at my place.
  • 11th Jan- Visited Sanj's place. My brother was like ‘DO YOU HAVE A TOILET?’ to Sanjana. AHAHAA. S & I gave the ‘WTF’ look to each other. LOL.
  • 13th Jan- Scrubbed 150 potatoes. fml. had a long ass convo about cricket with daminoes & manio. usseu(hussey). gabhir. diddle. tandulkar. then hangout at S's place with M & D. uno ( daminoes colour blindness). star gazing.
  • 14th Jan- was meant to go to D place but had sankranth the next day. Ended up buying about 100 apples and the customers around us were just staring at us. I just grinned at them. :D
  • 15th Jan- Peeled around 200 potatoes. had mehendi on my hair for the first time. fell asleep and manio & her mom walked in on me sleeping on the couch since i was tired and were like 'DON'T WAKE HER UP'. wore a sari for the first time. We went through cracked papad, singing songs, tickling EVERYONE, hiding earphones, massaging people, dropping ‘idlis’(dhokla) in water, sanjana,r dawg & I sitting under damini’s ‘O’, peacock feathers getting stuffed through keyholes, sitting outside next to the pool, eating jalebi etc. :)
  • 7th Sept- Dance classes with S & S. Created our high knuckle five. decided there was no class when i leave. :(
  • 8th Sept - Got my hair straightened by S for the first time. it doesn't look that bad. Got a surprise visit from D at S's place. :)
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