December 31

  • Holidays are for family. Learn to accept that and also to accept the quirks and flaws of each one in your family.

December 30

  • Walking is good for you. Always take the opportunity to exercise, even if it is just to walk.
  • Learn to love salad.

December 29

  • Be a cheerful giver. Be genuinely interested in people.

December 28

  • Be grateful for the opportunity to work. And do the best you can with it. Never stop learning this lesson.

December 27

  • Learn to accept criticism gracefully. There are so many things you need to improve on.
  • Won't hurt to self-correct from time to time. Be conscious of things you can improve with the way you do things.
  • It's okay to treat yourself, but ask yourself too if you can actually afford it.

December 26

  • Ask yourself why you are having difficulty with things and then address the problems you encounter. Doing the same thing over and over won't help.

December 25

  • Don't rely on others to bring you your Christmas spirit.

December 24

  • You can find pockets of cheer anywhere.

December 23

  • If you want things done a certain way, do it yourself.

December 22

  • People change. It is up to you to decide whether those changes are acceptable to you or not.

December 21

  • You can do great things if you trust that you can do it.

December 20

  • You get to a point where you really don't want to bullshit anymore. Don't lie about the things you want to do and find ways to make them acceptable to others.

December 19

  • Your work is important, so set more than enough time to do it. If you can't do it, then you probably shouldn't be doing that in the first place.

December 18

  • Like it or not, you really have to learn how to be with people, how to be part of a team.

December 17

  • Do not waste advantages and opportunities. These do not come often.

December 16

  • Find little pockets of joy even in mundane or unfortunate days.

December 15

  • Opening yourself up to new people is both wonderful and terrifying, but so so worth it. Don't let yourself slide.

December 14

  • When you like it, and when the atmosphere is conducive, learning is wonderful.

December 13

  • Do not stand for substandard work. You do not want to be that person.

December 12

  • Sometimes things fall into place. Be grateful when they do and remember that hope for other times when they do not.

December 11

  • Ask yourself if things are difficult because you are somewhere you do not like or if they are so because you are lazy.

December 10

  • Little friendships are such joy.
  • Roll with the punches that are dealt for you.

December 9

  • Sometimes great men fall. Accept defeat, and do it gracefully.
  • Do the work so you can get back up again.

December 8

  • Be a warmer person. It's much more pleasant to be around someone like that.

December 7

  • Sometimes the universe rewards you with a break. Use it.
  • The reality of people is that no one is absolutely good or absolutely bad. The better way of looking at this is at the very least, we all (hopefully) strive to be better.

December 6

  • Work harder to engage even the most difficult people. You were cut from that cloth.

December 5

  • Ask intelligent questions, you will always set yourself apart.
  • It's never too late to learn again.

December 4

  • Follow through on the work you have done for your dreams.

December 3

  • Just be open to new people.

December 2

  • Sometimes bad things will happen, and we can only do our best to move on from them.
  • Be there for your friends.

December 1

  • Do your work as quickly as possible and still find reasons to be happy within your day.

November 30

  • People will see the value of what you do.
  • Pride yourself on being able to do the work, simply because it needs to be done.

November 29

  • Just because other people suck, doesn't mean that you should join them. Do your work anyway.

November 28

  • Not everything is about work. Remember this time is meant for you to write, above all else.

November 27

  • Put your best in every product that you do. Remind yourself that you have standards you must meet.

November 26

  • Be yourself, but also, strive to be the best version of that self. Don't jump on negative bandwagons.
  • Don't be afraid to share who you are.

November 25

  • Be gracious with everyone. Remind yourself to be kind and gracious with every person you come across.

November 24

  • Remember that it is when you have time to sit like this that you must also be doing the work of your dreams. Don't waste your time anymore.
  • Learning about financial literacy is always good. But don't forget the lessons. Save. You won't always have this time and opportunity.

November 23

  • You are so lucky to have access to wonderful professors.

November 22

  • Ask yourself whether or not what you're doing is the best way to spend your time.

November 21

  • You have to open your eyes to the things happening around you. You aren't the center of the universe. (thoughts while watching Y Tu Mama Tambien)

November 20

  • Remember to conduct yourself in the best way possible, regardless of who the person.

November 19

  • Approach all of your tasks, no matter how non-threatening, with the same vigor and determination

November 18

  • Dreams mean work.

November 17

  • I cannot stress this enough. Value your Saturdays. When you spend them, make sure you are working towards your other goals in life.

November 16

  • You will always feel horribly when you know there's work you've put off.
  • You just have to learn to make the most out of bad situations.

November 15

  • It always feels better when you know you've put in a lot.
  • You don't know how people will surprise you.

November 14

  • Learn to manage expectations. Remind people that you cannot accomplish everything, everytime.

November 13

  • Make sure that you get the most important tasks done first.

November 12

  • There's got to be a way for you to work smarter and faster.

November 11

  • Be generous with your things, with your time. Give things freely when they are most useful / will be most appreciated.

November 10

  • Take pride in your surroundings. Learn to let go of unnecessary clutter.

November 9

  • Go to sleep early and wake up early and do the work. Your body will thank you for it.

November 8

  • Remind yourself always that school is your topmost priority.

November 7

  • When traveling, always look out for location along with price. Don't be fooled by ostensible bargains again.

November 6

  • Don't be afraid to ask for the things you want.
  • There will always be kind people along the way.

November 5

  • It's really about time that you decided on a personality. Don't be afraid to embrace your true nature.

November 4

  • Your opinion matters. Most especially to you. Yes, you should listen to other people. But listen to yourself too.

November 3

  • When in a moment of enjoyment, allow yourself to just take it all in. Breathe. Enjoy. Savor the moment.

November 2

  • Ask yourself what you are willing to put up with and work to either open your mind or make sure that you never have to lower your standards. There is always a choice.

November 1

  • Taking charge of your life feels good.

October 31

  • When you leave work till the last second, it bites into your playtime and it will hurt even more.

October 30

  • Prioritize and make sure most important tasks are done and done right.

October 29

  • You cannot just expect people to understand you. Earn your spot first. Then, you can justify.

October 28

  • Spend your time not just on vegging but on thinking about how to get to your dreams

October 27

  • Be there for the friends you have.
  • Be mindful of your appearance. Everything may not be ideal, but you still have a shot!

October 26

  • Value your friendships.
  • Give yourself time to breathe and to think about your life.
  • Don't let your urges sear your imagination.

October 25

  • You keep forgetting this lesson -- do the work first!
  • I don't know why this character of yourself rears its ugly head.
  • You never know when people are looking your way, and loving you from afar. Didn't know he liked me for that long a time.
  • Beauty is great, but it's not everything.

October 24

  • Value the work that you are given. Ask yourself why these tasks are important and find joy in doing them.

October 23

  • Before an event, think of every outcome possible and work so you're prepared for those.
  • Be confident. It reflects in the things you do, in the way you carry yourself.
  • Be real with the people you work with -- they are good people.

October 22

  • You submitted something important late today, but then again, you spent time with people whose company you enjoy. Grade was still relatively good -- worth the trade I think.

October 21

  • You can tell when you're around good people, good friends. It always feels right.

October 20

  • Remind yourself to control your outbursts. You're a grownup.
  • Surround yourself with warm and real people. Don't be scared to show your real self.
  • Marriage is still something you want -- do something about that.

October 19

  • You shouldn't care too much what other people think about you. Especially when you don't like them in the first place.

October 18

  • Be grateful for the help that you receive.

October 17

  • Remind yourself that quality of life is the most important thing,and you get that by working efficiently -- but also knowing when to stop.

October 16

  • Work as hard as you can, but also remind yourself that strategy (especially when studying for and taking tests) matters too. Work smart.

October 15

  • Always ask yourself if the activities you are choosing are helping you get to the life that you want.

October 14

  • You're never too good to forego hard work.

October 13

  • It's good to pamper yourself.
  • Determine how you can steer the course of your everyday.

October 12

  • Next time you're faced with uncomfortable situations -- don't shy away from them. Confront the issue squarely so you can address the concerns better.

October 11

  • Always present your best foot forward.
  • Remind yourself that you have a right to be there.
  • Good celebrations can be had over simple things.

October 10

  • Assess if you are doing the best job possible.
  • Lists may seem simple, but they really help.

October 9

  • Don't rely on luck to beat deadlines.

October 8

  • Don't apologize when you've given all that was asked of you.

October 7

  • Acknowledge that sometimes, you really just need to rest.

October 6

  • Be grateful for time given you. Spend it wisely.

October 5

  • There are always loved ones looking after you. Be secure in that.
  • Things somehow always work out.

October 4

  • Find a better way to ask for what you want.

October 3

  • Deliver 100% on everything that is required of you. It doesn't feel good whenever you don't.

October 2

  • Just try your best at everything. Don't forget that rest is important.

October 1

  • You will always find good people wherever you go.
  • When you are focused and determined, you manage to do nearly everything on your list.

September 30

  • You deserve nice things when you work hard.
  • You CAN survive alone and have a good time.

September 29

  • Stand up for yourself more. Remind yourself that the things you want to do and want to spend time on are valid.

September 28

  • Always be warm and open and genuine.

September 27

  • Be confident in yourself and in your right to be there.

September 26

  • There is time for everything, just make sure to spend time only on things you find important.

September 25

  • Remind yourself -- invest in good things for yourself.

September 24

  • Be open to new relationships and friendships.
  • Put yourself out there and allow others to really see you.

September 23

  • Be thankful for busyness, but rejoice in the time to rest.

September 22

  • Celebrate time you have to rest.

September 21

  • Make a better effort. For everything that you do. That class deserved so much more than that.

September 20

  • Good to be part of a team, but remember that you steer your own course.

September 19

  • Do your work and do it joyfully.

September 18

  • You have it in you -- imagine if you gave yourself the time to really do it well?

September 17

  • It is heartening to meet kind strangers.
  • Feeling the successes of your hard work pays off.

September 16

  • Give yourself what you need to perform better. Always be grateful for what you have.

September 15

  • Remember that you are part of a team, and be thankful that everyone is doing their part.

September 14

  • Remind yourself that people count on the work you do.

September 13

  • Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to be in the presence of lovely people. Don't hold yourself back.

September 12

  • Meeting nice people who are so alive and vibrant and kind gives me hope for the world, and for myself too.

September 11

  • Though things somehow always work out, remind yourself that everything is better with preparation.

September 10

  • Work hard when you have to.

September 9

  • Be mindful of where your time goes.

September 8

  • Be thankful for those who sacrificed for you.

September 7

  • So many things to learn, make sure you're taking the time to really learn them.

September 6

  • Ask yourself what is really important to you, and then spend the most time doing that.

September 5

  • Make sure you present your best effort every time. Sometimes, you only get one chance.

September 4

  • Stop complaining about school. You chose this.

September 3

  • Be thankful for the work you do have.

September 2

  • Remind yourself to say no sometimes, for you.

September 1

  • Sometimes, the key to getting things done is believing that you have the power to do them.

August 31

  • Remember your priorities.
  • It's good to let other people get to know you.
  • It's good to do things that you said you'd do

August 30

  • We must do what we can while we are living.
  • You have to do better than this.

August 29

  • There are things in life that you show up for. That you cross lines for. That make you forget what once divided you. A death is one of them. Mourning should be one of those things.

August 28

  • Sometimes, simple things and efforts can be good.

August 27

  • You eat to live, don't live to eat. Make the most of the time that you're given.
  • It's important to ask yourself if what you're doing is taking you where you want to go.

August 26

  • Take care of your body. It serves you well and it deserves better.

August 25

  • Good friends want you in their lives. Don't trifle with those who don't.

August 24

  • There will be bad days. Deal with them and make the most out of what you are given.

August 23

  • When you work, give it your all.

August 22

  • You write well. Give yourself the time to do it.

August 21

  • Don't let yourself get caught up in things that aren't important.

August 20

  • Set aside time for work,play and rest. All are equally important.

August 19

  • Remember what you are doing things for. What is the point of all this?

August 18

  • Know when you stop. Ask yourself if it is worth the argument and the effort.

August 17

  • Accept that you did your best and move on. Sometimes, it's not your fault.

August 16

  • You own your time. Manage it wisely.

August 15

  • Be flexible when able, but be reasonable too. Don't let yourself be a doormat.
  • It pays to look your best, and it influences things regardless of what you think.

August 14

  • Remember your priorities and make sure that the things you do carry you further in their direction.

August 13

  • Do the best work that you possibly could. Be thankful for opportunities to shine.

August 12

  • Rest assured that things will work out.

August 11

  • There is value in quiet moments.

August 10

  • Don't procrastinate.
  • Meet your deadlines. On time.

August 9

  • You have to decide who you want to be. And then give yourself permission to be that person.

August 8

  • Don't let others form your opinion for you.
  • Don't preach, teach through action.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Give yourself the space to rest.

August 7

  • Do what you can, when you can.

August 6

  • When you procrastinate, your whole week is affected.

August 5

  • There is value in tolerance.
  • Holiness takes sacrifice.
  • Being good takes effort.

August 4

  • True friends always make you feel like home.

August 3

  • No matter what role, do the best that you can.
  • Don't wait for someone to ask you. If you want to share something, say it. And then listen.

August 2

  • Be true to yourself.

August 1

  • Always strive to do your best.

July 31

  • Remember that the things you do add value to your life in some way. Make them count.

July 30

  • Preparedness will always save you.
  • Know your priorities.

July 29

  • Know the stories you want to tell.
  • Have an opinion about everything.

July 28

  • It pays to be quick about your decisions sometimes.

July 27

  • Kindness should beget harder work ethic and a higher standard for excellence.

July 26

  • It feels good to work with people who love their work.

July 25

  • There is space in the world for every idea that is borne out of passion.

July 24

  • Remember that the people you are critiquing have hearts. Remember to be helpful, but also be gracious when doing it.
  • Show people who you are. Be interested in people too.

July 23

  • Go one step further. Always be thinking about how you can do the job better than you already are.

July 22

  • You are capable of doing good. So give yourself the time to do it.

July 21

  • Weekends are your time. Don't waste them. Strive to do something meaningful.

July 20

  • You have more fun when you do the work first.

July 19

  • Just try your best all the time.

July 18

  • Not everyone will like you. More often than not, it will not be about you. And even if it is, be true to yourself.

July 17

  • Great work comes with great research.

July 16

  • Work hard and then rest hard. But life shouldn't be about work.

July 15

  • Take chances. Take them often.

July 14

  • Don't be shy - get to know people. Introduce yourself and believe that you have value to offer.

July 13

  • Do the work first - you will thank yourself later.

July 12

  • Some ties aren't meant to be cut.

July 11

  • Whenever you question if people like you, remind yourself that it is almost always never about you, and if it is -- that's their problem.

July 10

  • There's a lot you can learn about being professional. Treat your job like the advocacy that it is.

July 9

  • Your teammates are passionate and good-hearted. Strive to be more like them.

July 8

  • Treat yourself well.

July 7

  • You have to decide that you are someone worth knowing and loving.
  • Don't belittle yourself and what your life has taught you.
  • Let go of trivial things.

July 6

  • I really appreciate those who take teaching and imparting knowledge seriously.
  • You owe it to yourself to make your weekends great.

July 5

  • Make the most out of free days.
  • Remember that in spite of every thing you are in a situation that allows for many things that other people cannot afford to do.

July 4

  • Take your classes seriously. Be serious regardless of uncertainty. Strive for excellence in everything you do.

July 3

  • Don't let yourself get caught up with first impressions -- decide what you what to get out of a relationship and move from there.
  • Believe that you are good at what you do.

July 2

  • The little things add up, decide what is important and focus on that.

July 1

  • It's important for you to decide on what it is you truly want. Is it the money? The knowledge that you are happy? Because this kind of thing can't keep on tripping you up, this seeing other people's money.

June 30

  • Value your time, especially your weekends. They are not unlimited.
  • It's not a crime to question your friends' sincerity. Maybe some friends are meant to be kept at an arm's length.

June 29

  • Rest is king.

June 28

  • However way you view the work,it is valuable to someone. You know you could do so much better at it. If not, then find a credible replacement.

June 27

  • Your education and the opportunity to educate yourself there is a blessing, whether you choose to believe it or not.

June 26

  • Don't be late for class.

June 25

  • It is okay to question if you are where you are supposed to go. But don't allow the questions to halt whatever progress the path, uncertain or not, may provide.

June 24

  • You have it in you to be productive. You just have to want it more.

June 23

  • You appreciate staying in under the right circumstances. But don't waste your weekends doing completely nothing. Find purposeful leisure.

June 22

  • You always regret not going to class. Some experiences are more attractive in your head only.

June 21

  • The world doesn't owe you anything that you aren't willing to work hard for.

June 20

  • Give your body rest when it needs it.

June 19

  • Be grateful for the work that is given to you and do it well.

June 18

  • Remember that your work is not just a job. It is a cause that other people rely on.

June 17

  • Use unpleasant situations with unpleasant people to propel you.

June 16

  • Remember that time is not infinite. When you spend it on stupid things, it will keep on smarting.

June 15

  • You will always regret putting off work. Don't disappoint yourself with procrastination.

June 14

  • There is much to do and much to learn, don't waste your time!

June 13

  • You can do everything if you are willing to cut out the extraneous that clutter your day.
  • Just be upfront about your mistakes.
  • Family will always find a way to understand most things.
  • There are worse things than a car crash.

June 12

  • Everything in its own time and place.

June 11

  • Trust that you can execute a task without error.

June 10

  • It's important to be unfailingly, indiscriminately kind. Don't be selectively gracious -- kindness is never that.

June 9

  • Stand your ground, know what you believe in and why you believe in it.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments.

June 8

  • It's very rarely about you.
  • It's not a child's job to make his parents happy.
  • Intelligent dissent is better than blind agreement.

June 7

  • Remember that there is a point to all the work you're doing. Are you learning it?

June 6

  • I am always happy around books.

June 5

  • Try your best to be a team player. Word hardest, as quickly as you can.

June 4

  • Be grateful for the work you do have. Do it well.

June 3

  • Everybody has something to teach you. Learn it well. Appreciate people's gifts.

June 2

  • Don't beat yourself overly hard for bad experiences. Realize you made the best decision possible under the circumstances and move on.

June 1

  • You can do whatever you set your mind to.

May 31

  • Don't be afraid to open up to new people.
  • A nice disposition is such a helpful start.

May 30

  • Don't cut corners with your work.

May 29

  • Decide what to do with your time and do it well and meaningfully.

May 28

  • Enjoy the simple things - conversation, food shared with family.

May 27

  • Say what you want and what you don't want. People and the universe will remember.

May 26

  • You seriously have to decide how you plan yo address your loneliness.

May 25

  • Remember that you will be remembered for the words you say. Choose them wisely. If you can, always go out of your way to do a service, especially when it comes to your parents.

May 24

  • Value your time better. You have no more time to waste.

May 23

  • Hardwork always feels like it's worth it.

May 22

  • Find ways to make yourself indispensable.

May 21

  • Learn, and learn better. It's worth it.

May 20

  • Smile.
  • Always look fixed when you go out. Do it for yourself.
  • It pays to be early.
  • Do give yourself time to be.

May 19

  • Be yourself. Don't apologize for who you are and find people who will appreciate you.

May 18

  • Own your quirks. Try to see the best in every person you meet.

May 17

  • Never under deliver.
  • Everything deserves your best effort.

May 16

  • Time, yours and other people's is important. Don't waste it.
  • You have to be more open.
  • Treat yourself right, but don't go overboard.

May 15

  • Don't let yourself be swayed by whimsy. You'll regret it more often than not.

May 14

  • Get to know everyone in the best way possible. Every person you meet has something to teach you.
  • Don't judge.

May 13

  • You decide what advice to listen to and what advice to dispense of.
  • Every person has a different formula for happiness.
  • I do want to write and to teach others how to write.

May 12

  • Be lovable. Show that you are capable of loving and being loved.
  • Be ambitious. Have a plan.

May 11

  • There is something you can learn from everybody. Be aware and sincere in your desire to learn. Acknowledge your weaknesses and let yourself grow from there.

May 10

  • Do the work first.

May 9

  • It always feel good to share your blessings with others. Give openly and sincerely.

May 8

  • Give each project the best that you can. It feels good knowing that you gave it your all.
  • Don't begrudge yourself of creature comforts. You deserve some from time to time.

May 7

  • Soup is good for the soul. Give your body the rest that it needs.
  • You determine the extent of what you can do. You define your limits.

May 6

  • Be open to other people. See what good you can learn from them. Enjoy them in the best way possible.

May 5

  • Pounce on opportunities and don't let the inspiration seep out. Savor it and do something.

May 4

  • Always do your best, with everything.
  • Stop comparing yourself to everybody.
  • I am grateful for good help.

May 3

  • Have an opinion, but know when to say it. Don't force it down people's throats.

May 2

  • For people, time is money. Don't waste time. Arrive to meetings on time. And be present.
  • It's inspiring to meet such passionate people.

May 1

  • If you do your work well and on time, you won't have to work during holidays.

April 30

  • When meeting new people, don't let your fear take over. Appreciate them and see what they can teach you.

April 29

  • Stand up for yourself. Be polite, but stand up for yourself.

April 28

  • Weekends are a gift. Don't waste them.
  • The joy from a good tv movie is genuine and easy to achieve.

April 27

  • Good friends are the ones you don't have to mind.
  • Mean what you say.

April 26

  • Even when you are uncertain, at the very least try. Try and give it your best shot.
  • You can have the life you want. But be willing to work hard to achieve it.
  • Breaks are good sometimes.

April 25

  • Do the big things first, reward yourself only after.

April 24

  • Always give your best effort with everything that you do.

April 23

  • A lesson that will keep on repeating until you really learn it: don't procrastinate.
  • Books are always a good idea.

April 22

  • Exercise is something you will never regret doing.

April 21

  • Rugby is interesting to watch!
  • Be in the moment so you can enjoy more.
  • Sports does a body good. Woot.

April 20

  • Don't underestimate traffic.
  • When on meetings, assume that the company wouldn't pay.
  • You can really taste the quality in good food.

April 19

  • When you want to be pissed over, ask yourself if it is really warranted before you do.

April 18

  • Always try to over-deliver, to yourself and to others you work with.

April 17

  • When you say you're going to do something, do it.

April 16

  • By all means, be nice, but be good to yourself too.

April 15

  • Be gracious and be there for family.
  • Indulge in simple things.
  • It's good to be impulsive sometimes.

April 14

  • Learn how to say no. Don't feel bad about it. Don't say yes when you mean no, don't urge on others' expectations because you are afraid of saying no.
  • Just go out and do something.

April 13

  • Don't be afraid to let loose and be who you are.
  • When meeting new people, always focus on the positive.

April 12

  • Be proud of yourself, but make sure that there's substance to back the hype. Work hard, always.

April 11

  • Today of all days, be thankful of the courage to stand up after defeat, of the grace you received in spite of your insufficiencies, of the affirmation that you are capable of great things.

April 10

  • When you do things, find it in your heart to care about them.
  • Always deliver more than is expected of you.

April 9

  • No matter what the task, strive to do it excellently. Every product is a reflection of who you are.

April 8

  • More than anyone else, it's your perception of yourself that will matter. Believe that you are capable, act as though you are, and you will be.

April 7

  • You are worth the effort.
  • You can do anything that you set your mind to.

April 6

  • You have the ability to learn new things, to do things if you will give yourself the patience and the discipline to do so.

April 5

  • Be mindful of your time, always.

April 4

  • Listen to the opinions of good friends. Seek them out. Be there for them.
  • Sometimes, it is also how convicted you feel about your abilities.

April 3

  • Don't let yourself slide back. So many of your life's opportunities are avoided because you give yourself too much slack.

April 2

  • Push yourself to get the results you want.
  • Be confident about who you are. Believe and love yourself.

April 1

  • Everyone has a purpose. Find yours. Understand that we were not put on this earth to be the same.

March 31

  • You have the power to make your dreams come true. Love yourself and the world will know of your value.

March 30

  • Life is s often comprised of the little things. Remember to take notice of these too.
  • There is no stopwatch on your life. Savor it. Don't blame yourself for not meeting a timeline. Remember that life is meant to be lived, and life is unpredictable.
  • Good friends make the journey worth it.

March 29

  • You have the power to do things if you just allow yourself to acknowledge that you do?

March 28

  • Try as hard as you can to think the best of people and treat them accordingly, based on how they ought to be than on how they are.

March 27

  • Even heartaches have a purpose, even if only to serve as material for literary projects.

March 26

  • Learn to let go and let loose. You'll regret what you didn't do more than what you did.
  • You have the power to make your dreams happen. Believe.

March 25

  • Be open and willing to learn. Be willing to work.

March 24

  • Humor can be a great motivator.

March 23

  • When you take notes, use them. Sayang ang effort if hindi eh.

March 22

  • Give everything your full attention every time. You'll make more use of what you're given.

March 21

  • Learn when to swallow your pride. Learn to just do the work.

March 20

  • Always give your best with everything. No matter what it is.

March 19 2012

  • Budget your time well. Realize that little things can be moments that you will remember.

March 18 2012

  • Not all seemingly good ideas will prosper. Don't lose who you are.
  • Always do your best work, no matter what the payment. It speaks to your work ethic and to who you are as a writer.

March 17 2012

  • You can learn lessons from unexpected people and places.
  • Always be kind and humble.

March 16 2012

  • Listen more than you speak. Listen and listen well.

March 15 2012

  • If you need to rest, give yourself time to rest - BUT DON'T OVER DO IT lest you want to undo your hard work.

March 14 2012

  • Always choose to be kind, in everything that you do.

March 13 2012

  • Talent needs focus and determination. It won't survive alone.

March 12 2012

  • Better to do good work and take longer. Give it the time that it needs.

March 11 2012

  • Give often and graciously. Learn to expect nothing in return.
  • Make time for rest.

March 10 2012

  • Try your best not to keep people waiting. Prioritize.

March 9 2012

  • Try your hardest with everything you do.

March 8 2012

  • Think before you speak.

March 7 2012

  • Be as honest as you can be, in the most positive way possible.

March 6 2012

  • Finish the work you're supposed to right away. You'll thank yourself later.

March 5 2012

  • Make time to meet with friends, breathe together.

March 4 2012

  • Do treat yourself well, buy things of quality. Just space them well.

March 3 2012

  • Don't be a jackass no matter how successful you are.

March 2 2012

  • Don't spend your time worrying unnecessarily.

March 1 2012

  • Health is important. Do what you need to in order to keep it.
  • Be kind, always.

February 29 2012

  • Be careful of what you say, jokes may hurt people.
  • Be open and sensitive to what others need to respond or interact with you.
  • Life is short, take chances.

February 28 2012

  • We are all the same, and what makes us different is meant to complement our sameness.
  • Be respectful of other cultures and other beliefs.
  • Be proud of your heritage and constantly strive to improve it.
  • Take your weakness and acknowledge it, but use it to become stronger. You can.
  • Success is measured by how many you affect, not just how much you make.

February 27 2012

  • Stand up for what you believe is right, but do so respectably.
  • Always say thank you and strive to be gracious.

February 26 2012

  • Allow yourself rest, but don't let yourself get carried away.

February 25 2012

  • Life is short. We're all in the midst of a mid-life crisis.
  • Don't be afraid to cast a wider net.
  • Treat things as a matter of maths - if you're striking out a lot, increase the frequency of your efforts.
  • Again, be open - to new friendships and new situations.

February 24 2012

  • Value your friendships, do what you can for them today.
  • Don't let others' judgment of you cloud your vision of yourself.

February 23 2012

  • Be open - to everyone, to everything.

February 22 2012

  • If it won't hurt, let yourself be the bigger person. Be humble enough to admit your mistakes.

February 21 2012

  • Remember: Use your time wisely.
  • Being healthy is a choice.

February 20 2012

  • Be genuinely interested in people.

February 19 2012

  • Always do more than is expected of you.
  • Don't be a diva.

February 18 2012

  • Speak out when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that you don't want to be in.

February 17 2012

  • Don't waste time.

February 16 2012

  • From time to time, we must bend in order to be the kind of friends we ought to be.

February 15 2012

  • Try to be happy in your own life, in your own place in the world.

February 14 2012

  • Celebrate all the different kinds of love in your life. Everyday, alone or with someone, is a gift.

February 13 2012

  • The most important thing about working is that you sit down and do the work.

February 12 2012

  • Inspiration is for amateurs. You have to show up and do the work everyday.

February 11 2012

  • Don't let setbacks define you.
  • Don't let your imagined perceptions hinder you from having a good time, from letting others see who you are.

February 10 2012

  • Believe that you are capable of achieving what you set out to do. Believe.

February 9 2012

  • In the end, it all boils down to choice. Do you choose to love or not? Do you choose to be happy or not?

February 8 2012

  • Sometimes life all we have for a reprieve is a lungful of air; but even for that we must be thankful.

February 7 2012

  • Pride can deprive you of the most glorious of life experiences.

February 6 2012

  • Do treat yourself and your loved ones once in a while, if you can afford it.

February 5 2012

  • Be spontaneous. Any chance you can go out, do it. Do it while you still can.

February 4 2012

  • The past can be informative, but it doesn't have to define who you are. It's who you are now, regardless of what was in the past that controls.

February 3 2012

  • There were some dreams that I achieved. The challenge now is to find new ones that I actually care about to see through to the end. Don't discount the fact that you can. You can, if you wanted to.

February 2 2012

  • Be careful about how you spend your money and your time. Don't mistake either to be limitless.

February 1 2012

  • You have to push yourself. It's good to rest, but it's good to push too. Know when to do each.

January 31 2012

  • Ask yourself if there are things that are worth sacrificing over your pride.

January 30 2012

  • It's good that you can work under pressure, but imagine the brilliance that could emerge had you begun earlier and with clearer mind.

January 29 2012

  • Don't let your fear of others hinder you from what you want to do.

January 28 2012

  • Don't worry, there will be time enough for everything.

January 27 2012

  • You can do it if you believe you can.

January 26 2012

  • Don't be scared to say unpleasant things, just make sure that they are said to help and not to hurt.

January 25 2012

  • There is value in keeping your cool and standing up for yourself.

January 24 2012

  • Don't be afraid to be still.

January 23 2012

  • Give yourself the peace and quiet to focus and do your best work.

January 22 2012

  • If you want to do it, you can make time and resources for it.

January 21 2012

  • Feels good to be able to treat my mom to experiences from time to time.

January 20 2012

  • Always make an effort - ask yourself if what you're giving up for what you're about to do is worth it.

January 19 2012

  • Cherish the time you have. Make the most out of it.
  • Keep your promises.

January 18 2012

  • You can't please everybody every time. Decide on your boundaries and know when to stand up for yourself, and when to admit you're wrong. Don't be ashamed to be who you are, but strive to be the best version of that.
  • It's good to rely on new technology from time to time. On occasion, it can bring you new great experiences.
  • Be proactive, don't overthink.
  • Celebrate who you are.

January 17 2012

  • It's good to be nice and giving, but not at the cost of your own agenda. You deserve to see your plans through.

January 16 2012

  • There are so many ways of being relevant. Pick one and believe you can make a difference.

January 15 2012

  • There are so many ways to waste time. Be mindful and wary of all of them.
  • Be conscious of times when you are overly critical; we all have our flaws.

January 14 2012

  • Good friends are those who feel the same no matter how long it's been since you've seen them.

January 13 2012

  • Learning does feel great when you are passionate about what you are learning. Believe that you are capable of learning and always act like you deserve to be there.

January 12 2012

  • Sometimes you just have to let the little detours lead you to the unexplored. You don't know what you might discover.

January 11 2012

  • Believe that you can and do everything possible to get you closer.

January 10 2012

  • We have to appreciate what we do have: life, family, something to share with someone.

January 9 2012

  • Working hard for something does feel good.

January 8 2012

  • At the end of the day, the question is - can you stand for the work that you have done? That is all that really matters.
  • You can be productive and brilliantly so when you want to. Hang in there. Greatness is somewhere inside, waiting to be realized.

January 7 2012

  • Maybe, sometimes the point of education is not to excel at it. Maybe sometimes, you do it because you need to learn discipline and perseverance to get to your best work.
  • Give yourself a chance before you decide that you can't.
  • You have to like yourself first and foremost.

January 6 2012

  • You are here to learn. Be humble. Try harder.

January 5 2012

  • Oftentimes, the answer to the question "will I" depends on how greatly you believe you can.
  • There are often ways to get what you want - the question is how bad do you want it?

January 4 2012

  • Great things can happen when you let your mind run free.

January 3 2012

  • There are some who thrive in solitude, (like Philip Larkin) and are better for it. Think about that the next time you're lonely.

January 2 2012

  • Be excited to work and it will be easier to get through it. Put it first.

January 1 2012

  • You may not like all of your family, but there are always reasons to love them.
  • Whatever others may think of you and what you do, do the thing that you think is right - for you.
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