April 30

  • not spending for dinner
  • being able to watch the taste
  • humility of still needing to do the chores
  • finishing the draft text
  • coordinating a dinner in spite of busyness
  • getting my checks deposited
  • being able to say goodbye to the little girl
  • egg salad for brunch

April 29

  • finishing Kita
  • finishing the layout
  • finishing love
  • burger dinner
  • time to think

April 28

  • brunch of S&R leftovers
  • family lunch
  • finishing the changes to the pro-health layout
  • air-con while working
  • the short time I had with Bianca where we waved goodbye to each other and I told her to remember she was smart

April 27

  • laid-back brunch of leftovers
  • family lunch
  • time to walk around the mall
  • getting good seats to the play
  • trying out santouka
  • watching a movie with my bro

April 26

  • finished the 2 microservices
  • finished Inspire
  • Pi not mad at me for delayed submission
  • the nice conversation we had
  • getting to try out new restaurants
  • taking home the leftovers

April 25

  • corned beef for breakfast
  • noodles and barbecue for lunch
  • finishing the revisions
  • getting my teeth fixed
  • chance to watch iron man 3
  • dinner buffet at yakimix
  • catching my mom watching captain america
  • the nice outfit I chose
  • having means to pay for my teeth
  • not having to take the train back

April 24

  • cheese hotdogs and garlic rice for breakfast
  • watching in her shoes
  • finishing the second infographic
  • fried chicken for lunch
  • total recall with dad
  • laid-back salad and franks for dinner
  • not having high blood pressure
  • receiving the letter of congratulations today

April 23

  • having the non-coding car to go to the dentist
  • finishing the draft of the infographic text
  • finding the pair of shoes on sale
  • finding the jeans
  • new underwear
  • not being too cramped on the train despite rush hour

April 22

  • making it to team meeting despite late notice
  • the nice dynamic with team
  • team liking my pitch
  • being clear on where i stand in our team
  • being able to look at universities again

April 21

  • Sunday lunch with family
  • the nice camaraderie there
  • nice nap that I had
  • able to make small talk with people
  • chat afterwards
  • finished PR
  • tita flor's bday dinner
  • halo-halo for dessert

April 20

  • family breakfast
  • tocino for lunch
  • massage
  • time spent writing and reading
  • meal at old oven
  • family dinner
  • iron man 2 with mom
  • fruit salad for dessert

April 19

  • laid back day for the most part
  • dinner with joanne
  • watching gi joe
  • coming home to find parents happy
  • getting progress re social media campaign

April 18

  • Getting responses for my campaign
  • Lunch with Anna
  • the chance to look pretty
  • time spent working
  • the nice family time
  • having family come home early
  • watching a movie with my mom

April 17

  • the good sleep last night
  • not having to go to the meeting
  • being able to help my mom with flights
  • getting help with my tax stuff
  • having my concept approved
  • getting the artist on board

April 16

  • finishing the pr
  • the really good nap
  • getting my legs done
  • tv time
  • the dinner with my brother
  • halo-halo for dessert

April 15

  • being able to greet maam
  • finishing the love stories in good time
  • having something to show for the day
  • sushi lunch
  • getting my room cleaned
  • being able to return my library books

April 14

  • ribs for brunch
  • reading ursula hegi finally
  • the really awesome nap
  • making it in time for the diode
  • getting my earring back like a miracle
  • getting a semi-nice grade in 251

April 13

  • good sleep, finally
  • pancake breakfast
  • getting bro to help with donated books
  • making a stop at book covering even if it was awkward
  • getting to ballet recital on time
  • free dinner at friday's
  • treating to donuts
  • donut time with family

April 12

  • finishing the poetics paper
  • being able to get to the meeting
  • a semi-good negotiation
  • being able to get my rate up
  • friendly banter with a
  • hope for a new team
  • finishing 5 stories for inspire

April 11

  • Having media cover our event
  • Having press pick up the PRs
  • Getting something on the page for my paper.
  • Getting on with less frenzy
  • Rest that I got that day

April 10

  • getting more mango sales from pi
  • finishing the screenplay
  • getting z to take me to school
  • getting the pr done and getting approval
  • eating sushi with z
  • discovering that 80 plates show
  • winning the scholarship to the workshop

April 9

  • family breakfast
  • good family lunch
  • personally selling a lot of mangoes
  • visit from pi and ejay
  • finally getting started on the screenplay
  • working in AC comfort

April 8

  • making it in time for the deadline
  • having a bit of rest after
  • the chat with ma'am as I submitted
  • being able to piece together an essay even with just 1 hour barely
  • just the idea of finishing a novel. woah.

April 7

  • helping my mom look pretty for an event
  • pleasant family breakfast time
  • being able to work with AC
  • being able to do a lot of work on the novel
  • coming up with some stellar chapters

April 6

  • nice family breakfast
  • being able to get to the dentist and have teeth fixed and have a cleaning
  • buying a nice gift for bianca
  • throwing a party for the bday girl
  • adding a crucial chapter to the novel
  • working in airconditioned comfort
  • learning that I will finally have a bidet

April 5

  • good night's rest
  • light breakfast
  • the birthday greeting from a favorite teacher
  • the good burger dinner
  • conversation with z
  • conversation with mom and being able to share with her my news, finally
  • time spent watching with my mom
  • receiving an important work email

April 4

  • resting day
  • dinner with joanne
  • fave salad for dinner
  • candid conversation
  • receiving the call that my school is congratulating me re a recent achievement

April 3

  • lots of food to eat at vera's house
  • the camaraderie with cousins
  • seeing real family dynamics
  • having a place to run to during the blackout
  • halo-halo hunting which was fun
  • deadline extension

April 2

  • being able to defend myself through email
  • getting some self-imposed rest
  • being able to watch the good wife
  • not spending
  • cheesecake factory cheesecake still

April 1

  • being able to push through with leg diode
  • not buying a book for once
  • manang's chicken which was unimpressive from sm
  • not being late for the meeting
  • being able to come up with a good idea for the media event
  • having 2 major broadsheets pick up my pr

March 31

  • having tita espie over to cook lovely food
  • knowing b got to go easter egg hunting
  • doing the white sangria cooler idea
  • the nice time playing games with cousins
  • pleasant birthday lunch
  • time spent watching downton with z
  • watching dvds with mom

March 30

  • the lowkey but pleasant salubong
  • having my dad turn up as a surprise
  • having good friends trix and chris over
  • cheesecake from cheesecake factory
  • pizza delivery on good friday
  • cooking no fuss food
  • lovely family bday lunch at tao yuan
  • peking duck after what seems like forever
  • cereal prawns
  • the best massage ever
  • time to reflect in poco deli
  • z showing up in a cab for my bday
  • trying out mitsuyado ramen finally
  • nightcap with parents and tita espie

March 29

  • laid-back brunch at tita ludy's
  • merienda with special halo-halo mention at vera's
  • scattergories with fam
  • dvd marathon with mother
  • having trix and chris agree to go
  • laid-back day overall

March 28

  • cooking italian meatballs
  • the hilarious visita iglesia
  • all the insights I got from each stop
  • free dinner care of tita ludy
  • hearing about the cougar "love" story

March 27

  • releasing the pr finally
  • deciding on the leg diode
  • pleasant lunch with bro at kkk
  • pedicures and reflexology
  • nice time grocery shopping

March 26

  • finishing the pr

March 12

  • breakfast with the family
  • having z congratulate me re writing milestone
  • being able to help fam with car reg expenses
  • the papaya tree in our backyard that makes my folks so happy

March 11

  • having a friend who really wants my dreams to come true
  • meeting a publishing contact
  • lunch with my best friend
  • red velvet pancakes for lunch
  • healthy-ish breakfast
  • dinner with family
  • having a sweet little girl around the house

March 10

  • not spending for food
  • discovering Emily Owens though it got cancelled
  • getting a mani and hand and foot massages though miffed at double price
  • time to read The Year of Magical Thinking
  • just a day of rest all in all

March 9

  • finishing the Amazing Compendium of Edward Magorium
  • finishing the Lover's Dictionary
  • free spam musubi care of the Pazes
  • cooking with great friends
  • free chocolate / chips / cooking tasting
  • being able to buy a cake for my mom and her bff
  • 30% off on the lemon torte

March 8

  • finishing writing requirements
  • making it to 251 and having a fun discussion
  • the really good discussion in 371
  • surprise dinner with z at nomama
  • trying out the good wagyu beef cheek ramen

March 7

  • good meeting with team mate
  • learning I have a job still, and on my terms
  • being able to catch the classical guitar concert
  • student discount!
  • having z come over and hang out with me
  • z telling me she liked my story

March 6

  • dinner with peachy and louella
  • being able to meet a talented screenwriter in class
  • being able to help our prof
  • fun conversation with film classmates
  • not so expensive dinner

March 5

  • good sleep
  • watching cable
  • bacon breakfast
  • seeing the nice concerts showing this week
  • being accepted to the silliman workshop
  • impromptu dinner with chris and trix

March 4

  • finishing Inspire
  • time spent reading
  • having my dad there for breakfast
  • not being so stressed
  • seeing that simple prose can be both beautiful and effective

March 3

  • good reception of the ribs
  • everyone liking most of the food
  • executing the sign idea
  • my dad looking happy
  • finding the year of magical thinking at a steal
  • seeing my dad reaching this milestone year

March 2

  • being able to reserve a cake
  • impromptu lunch with z
  • free aircon
  • good dinner with family
  • great play for the night
  • mellow pre-birthday celebration of my dad
  • fun prepping the ribs for tomorrow's party

March 1

  • not submitting requirements and not being hounded because of it
  • being able to come to class prepared
  • the fun discussion in 371
  • not spending
  • good feedback in spite of the missteps
  • first diode session not being horrific

February 28

  • having my dad home for breakfast
  • straightening the box error
  • being able to check off little tasks on my list
  • not spending
  • everyone getting home safely
  • getting to the diode place on time

February 27

  • finishing Sweet, Lusog, Kita
  • chatting with Pi
  • getting to school on time
  • car lunch with food from area 2
  • watching a new movie
  • getting a consult from sir, finally
  • dinner with Peachy
  • adding a chapter/s to my draft
  • planning dad's bday menu with mom

February 26

  • C finally owning up to her word
  • getting my salary
  • finishing Inspire
  • rediscovering songs I like
  • mac and cheese for lunch
  • fried chicken dinner
  • watching Downton

February 25

  • Finishing the clean drafts for the briefers
  • Finishing the huge task of photocopying
  • time spent watching Downton
  • having long-awaited materials come in
  • Not having to layout the other briefers

February 24

  • Time spent watching Downton Abbey
  • getting to the book club in time
  • the wonderful discussion
  • surprise speed dating
  • trying out a new place
  • chitchat with Berna
  • takeout from Brasas
  • ice cream from Sebastian's

February 23

  • Being able to attend the Graduate Students Colloqium
  • my favorite salad for lunch
  • time to write by myself
  • having 2 good friends meet and get along
  • helping a friend get pretty new clothes
  • not doing something I'm not really up for

February 22

  • No class for 251 today.
  • Still being able to attend 371 despite the lateness.
  • Submitting Inspire kahit partial.
  • Learning about post-modernism.
  • Being told I didn't have to do the report.
  • Watching movies and not spending.

February 21

  • Being paid for writing work.
  • Being able to submit the additional work required of me.
  • Lunch with S.
  • Hearing that I am not alone in my disdain for someone's unprofessionality.
  • Being able to communicate to E that I carried the work for the duration of the project without me being the tattletale.

February 20

  • Finishing the report and making it interesting.
  • Finishing the 8-sequence structure to my satisfaction.
  • Being able to report.
  • Dinner with P.
  • Still being able to do the work after.

February 19

  • Being recognized for good academic work.
  • Giving myself the opportunity to attend the recognition day.
  • The small celebration Z and I had after the event.
  • Receiving the email from E.
  • Having z cook mac and cheese.

February 18

  • Being able to send Inspire
  • Having time to catch a breath.
  • Time to watch Friends.
  • Not spending that day.
  • Having Trix and Chris come over for conversation and coffee.
  • Being able to help a friend out.

February 17

  • discovering that I really like Hot in Cleveland
  • laid-back fried chicken brunch
  • being on time for the ballet
  • good seat at the ballet because of the deal
  • dinner with family
  • time to watch Downton Abbey

February 16

  • reading in bed
  • breakfast with my family
  • finishing a second book in one week
  • getting materials to press and having it come out cheaper
  • good massage
  • meeting a friend last minute
  • trying out hai chix & steaks
  • dvd shopping with carrie

February 15

  • Finishing Inspire in semi-record time
  • getting to class on time though wasn't so happy that I didn't get to participate
  • free cut for 371
  • being able to buy more secondhand books for my YA collection
  • having time to read in the library and again at the burger shop
  • finishing a book in one sitting
  • not spending too much
  • romantic movie marathon

February 14

  • Not feeling so melancholy about yet another Valentine's D
  • semi-successful meeting with A
  • laid-back no expectations Valentine's Dinner with hs girlfriend
  • being able to do a bit of work
  • being validated for the work that I've done

February 13

  • cooking french toast for myself
  • having z tell me she wants me to be happy
  • coming up with additional material for my novel
  • being able to do some proofing work again
  • realizing that I did good media work for the past month
  • having classmates compliment me on my concept
  • having fun in class
  • having a pleasant dinner with P

February 12

  • Having the boxes delivered in good faith
  • Getting my PR featured on a live radio broadcast
  • Having my pr picked up by Star
  • Having C tell me she's doing the work
  • Hanging out with Z for dinner
  • Finishing love stories for the week
  • not spending for the day

February 11

  • Having S and E say they like what I've done with my story so far
  • Being invited to eat with my classmates
  • Forming real bonds / beginning actual friendships with them
  • Being able to release the PR
  • Having my professor email me such encouraging feedback
  • Being able to get the plain packs and having them turn out great

February 10

  • Having time to read
  • Having the resources to get my legs waxed and my nails done
  • Korean fried chicken for dinner
  • Monopoly deal with cousins
  • Getting to sleep in

February 9

  • Being able to help Z out
  • watching movies with Z and eating pizza
  • her trusting me enough to share her secret club
  • relaxing for the most part yesterday
  • getting ideas for my book

February 8

  • Everyone liking my draft, saying it was well-written
  • My teacher telling me I had the gift for YA and distinguishing me from her other students
  • Meeting up with P & E
  • trying out Cupcakes by Gremlins & sharing it with others

February 7

  • Time spent with Anna
  • Sharing mangoes
  • Discovering Paire and having time to write
  • Finishing the PR
  • free turkey for dinner

February 6

  • P reaching out to me
  • watching A Separation
  • being invited to L's bday night out
  • kathy's visa getting approved
  • submitting the first chapters at the very least

February 5

  • the car was fixed with no damage
  • corned beef for breakfast
  • not so late to the meeting, people were generally pleasant
  • finding those clothes on sale
  • at the very least, finishing one chapter of my novel
  • time to rest yesterday
  • good chinese takeout for dinner
  • being in a position to help again

February 4

  • opportunity to befriend more of my classmates
  • finding YA books on sale
  • getting the car's oil changed
  • though the service station damaged my car, they were more than courteous in fixing it
  • hanging out with z

February 3

  • tamales for breakfast
  • finishing speak
  • watching shrek intermittently
  • paying respects to two professors who passed
  • chow fun with carrie
  • finishing love

February 2

  • watching a play
  • not being late despite leaving rather late
  • dinner at charlie's + truffle and liver fries
  • having time to read
  • hot dogs for breakfast

February 1

  • Finishing Inspire
  • Having Pi back online
  • Escaping for a burger
  • getting the pack designs approved
  • being able to help sell for the family business

January 31

  • the long conversation with ate jing
  • the recto trip with z
  • having someone drive me there
  • being relatively productive yesterday
  • watching the bad hallmark movie with z

January 30

  • time to nap in the afternoon
  • watching looper with my dad
  • a bumming around kind of day which I'm paying for right now
  • time to read speak
  • chicharon for dinner
  • easy time falling asleep

January 29

  • The delicious breakfast of ham and garlic rice.
  • Having time to read the magazine and reading the article about quitting inessential paths.
  • Finishing the content on time so I could attend the open lecture on Haggiography.
  • Having time to walk around the campus and seeing these images.
    • The slow-walking woman.
    • The grandfather and his little granddaughter.
    • The couples cuddling on the grass.
  • The snack of fishballs, kwek-kwek, and dynamite.
  • meeting ana after all these months
  • movie date again

January 28

  • finding out we have more time for ourselves this march
  • having a friend reach out to me
  • good lunch with a friend
  • getting my work checks and being able to deposit them to my account
  • having a good meeting for work
  • being able to complete one of the work tasks for the week

January 27

  • cooking awesome french toast
  • bacon scramble
  • nice brunch with good friends
  • more of the laid-back day
  • finishing game of thrones finally

January 26

  • good sleep
  • finishing writing requirements though late
  • having good friends to eat and watch tv with
  • having the house all to ourselves
  • laid-back day over all

January 25

  • scrounging up with Inspire again
  • being able to attend all classes
  • dinner with z
  • not so stressful morning
  • the wonderful discussions in my fiction and lit classes

January 24

  • attending the meeting
  • finishing most of my work requirements
  • time to read and write
  • satisfying Mexican food cravings again
  • meeting an old friend
  • getting free feedback for my book
  • coming up with nice outfits for my mom for her trip

January 23

  • morning pages
  • being able to get an artist for the project
  • coming off with a story concept and pitch on the fly
  • successful pitch for class
  • manang's dinner

January 22

  • no meetings for the day
  • being able to achieve a good amount of work
  • being in a better position for work
  • being able to exercise a good deal
  • being able to do morning pages

January 21

  • being able to attend class
  • being early for the meeting
  • having a semi-productive meeting
  • being able to bond with officemates
  • free pizza for dinner
  • nation-wide news coverage of a story I wrote

January 20

  • sleeping in
  • freedom from my mom
  • liberty to watch dvds
  • being able to try the angus beef belly
  • being able to treat my family

January 19

  • being able to watch the many kennedy center honors
  • not being so pressed with work
  • having time to release a PR
  • not spending today
  • time to watch with my family
  • being able to help a good friend in need
  • rom com movie marathon with a friend
  • overnight with a friend after a long time

January 18

  • The lovely time spent in class
  • satisfying Mexican food cravings
  • time to rest
  • free dinner care of my family
  • having the resources to go out to dinner

January 17

  • finishing the book I Hate My Mother
  • waking up to validation that the work I did was good
  • tinapa for breakfast
  • having time to write this
  • the privilege of spending time with my family

January 16

  • finishing the briefer, finally
  • knowing I did a good job
  • chicharon dinner
  • sitting through the work
  • having a productive day all in all
  • not spending

January 15

  • applying to silliman
  • being helped by my mom for the mailing of the application
  • free choco yema cupcake and citrus infused coffee
  • grabbing a beer post-meeting with team mates
  • free quiche
  • time to watch an episode of antm

January 14

  • not being too late to class
  • someone calling me pretty today
  • being given the time to write in my journal
  • being able to help out my team
  • shopping for tops

January 13

  • finishing So B. It, my first book of the year
  • hotdog sandwiches for breakfast
  • conversation with Anna
  • instagram tributes for my friends
  • semi-strange family dinner for my brother's birthday

January 12

  • getting JD to recommend me for the workshop
  • getting the PR done
  • being able to try brasas with z
  • getting home in spite of the car's problems
  • having time to read So B. It

January 11

  • being able to finish the briefer
  • being able to attend class
  • rushing through the article and doing fairly fine on my report
  • free dinner from my brother
  • chicharon to come home to

January 10

  • being able to address the performance email and thinking *calmly in spite of the situation
  • producing 1 good pr for work
  • good fried chicken for dinner
  • cookies left over from bro's bday

January 9

  • surprise early arrival to class
  • laid-back time discussing
  • being able to chat with my classmates
  • finishing the performance evaluation
  • dinner with my family

January 8

  • having the new proposal approved
  • having time to complete the stories for work
  • bringing home the new car
  • beating traffic
  • having my dad feel better again

January 7

  • despite waking up late, making it early to class
  • having my classmates invite me for brunch
  • treating my family to barbecue
  • having a nice time for dinner
  • watching skyfall

January 6

  • being in a position to help out with new car payments
  • impromptu brunch with z
  • lazy tv sunday hangout
  • movie with mom
  • having z share her story

January 5

  • laid-back saturday morning
  • free mani pedi date with ana
  • finally getting the chance to try out old oven
  • the very delicious steak and truffled mushroom risotto
  • watching movies with my mom

January 4

  • friendly team meeting
  • all the gifts I got from officemates
  • lunch at pino and dessert at pipino
  • getting my salary + having time to deposit my savings
  • massage at tonton
  • roastbeef sandwich and candied bacon cheesecake
  • watching the note 2 with my mom

January 3

  • the opportunity to exercise again
  • being able to work on the media event proposal
  • meeting cancelled today
  • just a laid-back day all in all
  • not spending

January 2

  • Leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy
  • Leftover lechon
  • Having money left over from the holiday period
  • Discovering the delicious chocolate and sea salt cookie recipe
  • walking for exercise with Z

January 1

  • Cooking a turkey for the first time and having it come out great
  • Saving that gravy from the brink of disaster
  • Having my cousins save chicharon bulaklak
  • Playing taboo with cousins and winning
  • Having the resources to give gifts this year.
jan 13 2013 ∞
apr 30 2013 +