April 30

  • You can't change what you tolerate.

April 29

  • The time to start is now.
  • What you focus on grows stronger in your life.
  • You see only what you want to see in life, and what you see determines where you will wander in life.

April 28

  • Again and again -- don't put things off. Sayang ang opportunity.

April 27

  • Just go with the flow. Don't fight against what's happening.

April 26

  • No more bullshit. Just be honest about what you feel.

April 25

  • You really should learn to start your day early.

April 24

  • There is value in stopping, sometimes.

April 23

  • Ask yourself if the time you're investing there is worth it.

April 22

  • Never be afraid to speak up for yourself.

April 21

  • You have to like yourself first.

April 20

  • Learn to be comfortable with what you want to do.

April 19

  • Before you do anything, make sure you are 100% comfortable with the decision.

April 18

  • Sometimes the small things are the big things, like family members coming home early.

April 17

  • Always, appreciate the things you have. For instance, having a job that allows you to take naps in the middle of the day.

April 16

  • Be thankful for the things you take for granted. Life. Safety. Family. Comfort.

April 15

  • Be productive. You can't skimp on work. You lose more than you gain in the long run.

April 14

  • Sometimes, all you need is a really good nap.
  • Trust in the goodness of people.

April 13

  • You always have to go out of your way. Don't expect to be handled with kid gloves all the time. Go out of your way and not just because you have to.

April 12

  • No one owes you anything. Make sure you earn what you get.

April 11

  • There is no 'taking back' of wasted moments. Do the work now.

April 10

  • Things often do work out, but that doesn't mean you can leave everything till the absolute last minute.

April 9

  • Your time is wasted on worrying and panic when you do not do your work when you're supposed to.

April 8

  • Don't let the quality of your work be the thing you sacrifice.

April 7

  • Yes, you are talented but this is not a blanket invitation to be lazy. Others will beat you if you are lazy.

April 6

  • Remember to also take care of your teeth.

April 5

  • Being sick is physical yes, but it is also a state of mind.

April 4

  • Make the most of the breaks you're given.

April 3

  • Sometimes, miracles happen that just take you by surprise.

April 2

  • Never write a letter angry.

April 1

  • Remember that your opinion matters.

March 31

  • Your family, though it may not seem like it all the time, is a blessing.

March 30

  • Everything in your life comes together -- you don't have to worry about it so much. Happy birthday to us!

March 29

  • You give yourself the things you want in life. No one else is obligated to.

March 28

  • Experiences, even ones you thought you wouldn't want, can surprise you.
  • Prayer gives you insight.

March 27

  • Enjoy good days when they come.

March 26

  • Do the work when you are able. The quality will be so much better.

March 25

  • Ask for what you need. Be reasonable when you do.

March 24

  • Don't spend all your money on clothes. Or food.

March 23

  • You waste too much time. When you do, important opportunities are wasted.

March 22

  • Speak your mind. But come with context. You can't just make stuff up.

March 21

  • All ideas have some good in them. It's up to you to mine them.

March 20

  • Read instructions carefully.
  • Be more professional.

March 19

  • All opportunities to work must be seen for the gift that it is.

March 18

  • Remember your place. Remember that people rely on you. What you do matters.

March 17

  • Learn to live within a budget.

March 16

  • Take pleasure in surprise opportunities, but don't forget your priorities.

March 15

  • Come prepared. No substitute for that.

March 14

  • Not everyone will like you. It's okay.

March 13

  • Ask for what you want. Prepare so you know what to do when you get it.

March 12

  • Commit to your role. Do your job well. Don't give bullshit.

March 11

  • Be thankful for those who believe in you. Champion them too.
  • You're never happy when you're late, when you haven't thought about how you look or what you're wearing. Life is short. Make the effort to show up on time and ready.

March 10

  • Ask questions.
  • TV is good sometimes. Don't overdo it.

March 9

  • There is fun to be had in simple times with good friends.
  • But be more careful when making decisions of how and with whom to spend your time.

March 8

  • We are as much defined by the questions we ask.
  • Theories are there to lend structure to the chaos -- but nothing is ever so certain that it will fit into one theory or frame of mind 100%.

March 7

  • You don't have time to waste. Remember that always.

March 6

  • Be unashamedly real.

March 5

  • Your health is not guaranteed. You have to make an effort to preserve it.
  • You have to make an effort for the things you believe in. You have as good a chance as any.

March 4

  • Remember that time is not infinite.

March 3

  • Good things are always worth the effort.

March 2

  • It's good to give back.
  • Being positive gets you a better response every time.

March 1

  • You can't expect that you will always get it right on the first time. Work harder next time.
  • Metanarrative means absolute truth.

February 28

  • Just do unpleasant tasks. Don't procrastinate.
  • Give people a chance to be good, to do the right thing first.

February 27

  • Sometimes people will not like you. That's okay.

February 26

  • Music is a great way to remind yourself of what makes you happy, what you yearn for. Never forget its power.

February 25

  • Be accountable for your mistakes, but stand up for yourself when you are in the right.

February 24

  • There is so much joy to be found in a new experience, in allowing yourself to do something you've never done before.
  • Be open to new people.

February 23

  • Good friends don't give you a hard time even when things go wrong.

February 22

  • Never miss an opportunity to learn.

February 21

  • Don't take things personally. Keep your head bowed down and do the work.
  • If you don't make decisions things happen to you by default. Be decisive.

February 20

  • Strive to be excellent in all things you do. But, don't procrastinate. That ruins all the effort you've put into things.

February 19

  • Take pride in a job well done.

February 18

  • You are good at the things you love. Give yourself a chance to do them.

February 17

  • No shame in taking advantage of deals. You have to be careful about money.
  • Take a deeper interest in your health and your looks. You deserve that.

February 16

  • Reading the right things make you feel alive.

February 15

  • Don't leave yourself for last. Love yourself first.

February 14

  • It's better to live without expectations. But always be open to opportunities.

February 13

  • You feel better when you make an effort to look good.
  • Accept compliments but learn to give them graciously also.

February 12

  • Make an effort to be healthier. Ease up on the sweets.

February 11

  • Many people are fair and true to their word.
  • Don't be afraid to be yourself.

February 10

  • Tip better.
  • Strive not to have fun at other people's expense.
  • Be fair always.

February 9

  • You can't afford to be lazy -- remember that. Learn how to say no.

February 8

  • Every step you've gone through has been instrumental in getting to this point.

February 7

  • Try always, and try hard. You never know if that try will be the one to lead you to success.

February 6

  • Be genuinely interested in people. Be unfailingly kind.

February 5

  • Good service goes a long way.
  • It doesn't take very much to be decent.
  • Before you make purchases, ask yourself if that is worth chipping into your dream for.

February 4

  • People don't bite. Live a little.

February 3

  • Do the things you say you will.
  • Commit to the things you love. Never worry that it's not enough.
  • Be more gracious next time.

February 2

  • It's no fun being a wet blanket. Also, learn how to say no.
  • Be more decisive. You have to learn how to do this.

February 1

  • Answer this: Why do you always leave yourself last?

January 31

  • Don't forget to dream.

January 30

  • Spend your time wisely. You are not getting any younger.

January 29

  • Treat every job like it's your last one.
  • Know your limits, with everything that you do.
  • Make time for the things that give you joy.
  • Friendships are important. Make time for them.
  • Don't be late.

January 28

  • sometimes verbal economy is best with texts.
  • You have to like yourself first.
  • Remember that your friends are all you have. Treat them well and be grateful for opportunities to be there for them.
  • Remember that you taking your CW MA at UP is such a big blessing. Make the most out of it.
  • Not all impressive jobs are worth it -- you are closer to your dream in the humanities world.

January 27

  • Thoughts while watching Game of Thrones - Life is complicated and awkwardly messy. Learn to deal with it. Being human is an experiment in awkwardness. Celebrate your weirdness and embrace your humanity. No one has to be perfect.

January 26

  • Though it is fun, one should not spend entire Saturdays watching Jimmy Kimmel sketches.

January 25

  • Remember that school is your number one priority.
  • You are wasting so much opportunity by coming to class unprepared.

January 24

  • Spend time wisely and efficiently. Remember that work does not deserve all of your time. Live life accordingly.

January 23

  • Don't be afraid to run wild with your ideas. Take responsibility for them and be confident. There's always room for improvement, but there is also a time to shine. Remember that you are good. Own it. Be confident.

January 22

  • Embrace all the tasks you have and then perform them with vigor.
  • Your time is your value. Spend it as efficiently as you can.

January 21

  • Be professional. Be genuine.

January 20

  • There is much joy in simple moments shared with a really good friend.

January 19

  • Classics never grow old.
  • Good friendships never grow awkward.

January 18

  • Learn to enjoy moments with your family more.
  • Be more mindful and more genuine with your critique.

January 17

  • Manage your time better. You can always do better. Try harder every time.

January 16

  • Sometimes work is more important, but you would have done better if you didn't idle so much with your work.

January 15

  • Take ownership for your faults. Show what you can do and try your best to rise up to the challenge.

January 14

  • There are times when you cannot do anything more than to work hard. Try hard. Keep your head down.

January 13

  • Weekends are for you. The less you spend on insignificant things, the more you have for your dreams.

January 12

  • Plan your weekends. They always turn out better when you do. They deserve the extra effort.

January 11

  • Missing class is never a good idea.
  • You love learning when you love the subject.

January 10

  • You cannot control how people react to you. But you can control how you react to them. Remember that you can always choose to be the person you want to be.

January 9

  • Don't take any of your classes for granted. Each has something to offer.

January 8

  • Be professional in everything you do.

January 7

  • Every day is a good time to start.

January 6

  • Don't let entitlement settle in.

January 5

  • Fight laziness. You are more than that.

January 4

  • Treat yourself, but discipline yourself too.

January 3

  • Don't put off things that you can do today.

January 2

  • New opportunities don't come by every day.

January 1

  • Do everything now.
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