• listening to michael's voice
  • funny-sounding and complicated words, like "daguerreotype", "viscous", or "mercurial"
  • feeling the cloth on ready-made clothes in a store
  • felt
  • the sound of suction as i pull metal combs out of a 2% agarose gel
  • alliteration
  • that moment of pressure before ejecting tips off a pipette
  • the feel of paint on something silk-screened
  • the intricacies of lace
  • shiny-ness on cds, beads, jewelry, water, etc
  • the combination of red, black, and white
  • wind rustling leaves, or gentle wind
aug 10 2006 ∞
aug 10 2006 +
user picture rich: oh what i would do for a sack full of raw beans/rice/grains to stick my hand in. hahaha aug 15 2006