• the sound of things shuffling on ice, i.e. 96-well plastic plates moving in a frost-free freezer
  • the sound of rapidly-pulling scotch tape sealers
  • spandex, on the wrong people
  • long nails or claws
  • when aged tape loses it's stickiness
  • the call/noise that squirrels make
  • lawnmowers at 8am
  • screaming
  • metal on metal
  • people who don't eat all their food
  • stagnant water
  • wiggling larvae
aug 10 2006 ∞
aug 10 2006 +
user picture diane: what kind of a noise do squirrels make? i don't think i've ever heard a squirrel. and also, where are all the baby squirrels? and what does squirrel poop look like? aug 11 2006
user picture bardot: hahahhaha. you should stop by our place! you'll hear the squirrels.
user picture rich: hahaha questions we all have asked ourselves once in our lives although i think i continue to ask myself those questions... btw have you seen a sleeping squirrel? hahaha or a squirrel habitat? #10? hahaha no chance with us! aug 15 2006