• "Jump the Shark" - a fairly decent episode, if only the lone gunmen didn't die in it!!!!!! that was a sad day. i actually got teary eyed when it happened.
  • "Gender Bender" - kinda lame story. and the ending was dumb.
  • "Leonard Betts" - eh. a man who eats cancer isn't all that great.
  • most of season two (except "Humbug" which was one of the best).
  • "Darkness Falls" - i like the environmental message, but the special effects for the killer bugs were lame.
  • "3" - the vampire episode, featuring duchovny's then-real life gf, was weak in plot. oh wait, that belongs with the season two complaint.
  • "Avatar" - skinner needed his own episode, but this one was didn't bring up anything new or drastic.
jul 17 2006 ∞
aug 14 2006 +
user picture rich: *ahem* nerd! takes one to know one. jul 17 2006
user picture bardot: blame it on michael.
user picture diane: i liked that vampire episode! the great hambino was the pizza delivery boy. who was his gf? aug 14 2006
user picture bardot: "Bad Blood", that OTHER vampire episode was good, where mulder and scully had different viewpoints of the same events. oh yeah, luke wilson was in that one.
user picture Lulu: I would add the episode that had the two satanist best friend high school chicks, they were lame. (the planet alignement thing was lame...) Although, the burning coffin was kind of cool....