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  • Name: Yumi/YM
    • You may call me Yumi/YM, please don't ask me what it stands for, it's my real name. I don't feel comfortable sharing my real name.
  • Age
    • 95 line, Same age as Jimin and Taehyung
  • Height
    • 170cm
  • I'm from Malaysia
    • I'm not comfortable answering which part of Malaysia I live in so I hope I don't get asked.
  • Bias group
    • Only Bangtan
  • Twitter
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  • Please stop asking me to do followbacks
  • I am not being arrogant not doing followback I have reasons for not doing them
    • I don't feel that it is necessary to follow a person just because he/she followed me.
    • I will follow whoever I WANT to.
    • I do not follow some people for reasons, like I have no interest in seeing your tweets at all/I do not know you.
    • I follow people who I actually talk to.
    • I follow people who I want to see their tweets.
    • I don't like my timeline being a mess.
    • There's no point if I followback you but realise I do not talk to you or even end up unfollowing you after.
    • If you realise, most of my followings are fansite/fanbases/fans who do updates. So...
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  • All the members cross-dressed at least once
    • Namjoon - Rookie King (Sailor-Mon); House of ARMY (Kim ARMY)
    • Jin - Rookie King (Cheongsam)
    • Yoongi - Rookie King (Maid Suga); V app Run BTS (Min Yoonji)
    • Hoseok - House of ARMY (Mother)
    • Jimin - AHL (traditional Hanbok); M-Net M&G (Maid Jimin)
    • Taehyung - Rookie King (Fairy Tae)
    • Jungkook - Rookie King (Fairy Kook)
  • Jimin mentioned he won 1st place for wea...
  • Everyone had driving licence except Jimin and Namjoon.
  • Jin was the first member to get a driving licence.
  • Jimin can take sour food well (Vapp) while Jungkook can handle spicy well (Rookie King).
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    • Ask for my permission before re-translating my translations.
    • It may not be 100% the actual thing when I translate handwriting cause their handwriting may look awfully hard for me to tell (I try my level best still) and also the wording.
    • There may also be some difference in meaning/wording when I translate articles/conversations and so on cause of the wording and my understanding towards that particular context.
    • You can share my translations as long as you credit me properly... (just typing a cr: soymlk_03 is not that hard???) or you can quote... I don't mind... of course just retweet will be the best =].
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DISCLAIMER: These includes fluff, angst, character deaths and mostly Top!Yoongi. All works listed do not belong to me but to their respectful authors. Please click on the link to the source of the fic and find the original author there. If any links appears to be broken please let me know my twitter @soymlk_03 or ask.fm armyme95 or curiouscat soymlk_03

My AO3 account is YoonMinAF /the stories posted on my own account belongs to me!!!/

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  • Official Goods
    • Albums Kr Press
      • 2Cool4Skool
      • O!RUL8,2?
      • Skul Luv Affair
      • Skul Luv Affair SPECIAL ADDITION
      • Dark & Wild (All Members Signed)
      • 화양연화Pt1 PINK
      • 화양연화 Pt1 WHITE
      • 화양연화 Pt2 BLUE
      • 화양연화 Pt2 PEACH
      • Young Forever DAY
      • Young Forever NIGHT
      • WINGS W
      • WINGS I
      • WINGS N
      • WINGS G
      • You Never Walk Alone Pink
      • You Never Walk Alone Mint
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