• Ask for my permission before re-translating my translations.
    • It may not be 100% the actual thing when I translate handwriting cause their handwriting may look awfully hard for me to tell (I try my level best still) and also the wording.
    • There may also be some difference in meaning/wording when I translate articles/conversations and so on cause of the wording and my understanding towards that particular context.
    • You can share my translations as long as you credit me properly... (just typing a cr: soymlk_03 is not that hard???) or you can quote... I don't mind... of course just retweet will be the best =].
    • Share with credit...
    • I do not own those videos... I just took the effort to record them from elsewhere and uploaded them.
    • Some I did subbing too, I only own the subs...
    • Do not re-upload and claim as yours... unless you want to add sub-tittles on it, you can but ask me first.
  • Share with credit to me
  • DO NOT crop/edit/remove watermark
  • DO NOT claim as own
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