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my name duke and i like to write

i really like and am very into horror. im not a big fan of uh... s....soft? things, so no fluff from me
i.... really really like werewolves and will try relentlessly to insert them into every fucking pairing i like no matter if it makes sense or not lol

here is a place to catalog any fic ideas i have and the surrounding details of them, however vague

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- ww derry lol

  • kids/degens constantly showin up on property or in the back bushdoin shady degen shit; goes unnoticed mostly until full moon nights and bodies just start showin up around the place
  • maybe stormy or gus starts bringin body parts to the porch
  • 'aw fuck now we gotta clean htis mess up'
  • just a lot of people start to go missing aorund their farm
  • dont realize that its one of them (as a ww) killin em; just bodies turn up and GYADDAMMIT NOT AGAIN
  • think it ssome sort of weird suicide pact ritual thing
  • they try to camp it out one night and just see SOMETHIN but unsure what
  • 'coulda been coyote.' 'too big' 'theres wolves out in the bush' 'moose for sure'
  • SAMSQUANTCH/cryptid
  • 'oh fuck off theres no such thing' 'then why do we keep gettin all these dead assholes on the property'
  • unsure of what to do with bodies, they kinda just bury them around but that causes too many holes so they just make a fucking garden
  • fucking gardens beautiful and dan gets his perennials
  • 'so... its actually doing pretty well'
  • authority comes poking around like 'you know anythin bout these missing kids' while they chillin out front of the produce stand
  • 'wayne howre you now good 'n you not so bad u know bout so and so dying' 'nah' awk silence 'o-kay see you boys around'
  • they start putting up beware samsquantch signs around property tho
  • somehow daryl pieces it together that its him and they just all sittin around their lil breffast table in the morn and hes like 'guys.... i think im the samsquantch'
  • they immediately start chirping him, making jokes about bein a ww/cryptid thing.
  • 'aw fuck bud youve killed so many people.'
  • recruits mcmurray and jb and all the resta them to help track it in the bush; they dont find it, but find tracks near darys house which makes w and d kinda uncomfy
  • mcm mentions it could be wendigo; 'i heard the myth'
  • waynes like mmmm better consult tanis. goes to rez and has a chat with her
  • "thats not how wendigos work"
  • she mreal casual about it all, not dismissive but not 100% on board with the idea until wayne pulls out some pics
  • she gets kinda serious; mentions "SOMETHING ELES" but wont name it; eventually writes 'skinwalker' on a napkin then fucks off with her goons
  • 'we're staying out of letterkenny for a while'
  • her behaviour bothers wayne more



-pwp?? i havent written porn since the old hinabn days

  • its just about dary being SUPER FUKIN LOUD
  • 'quiet now wayne you wouldnt want katy to hear' 'if u think katy gives two fucks about who i do it with u r sorely mistaken'

-Letterkenny/Its Always Sunny crossover

  • the hicks going to philly after beating dierks; a roadtrip might do katy some good
  • end up at paddys; bc irish
  • walk in, no ones manning the bar; charlies at the end of the bar tho drinkin a beer and as theyre about to leave his like 'wait no!! hell brb hes just taking a shit' nodnod
  • 'oooookay' share a look amongst each other and shrug and sit down and wait
  • tables are all sticky so they sit at opposite end of bar from charlie when mac comes out like MAN THAT WQAS A GREAT SHIT oh shit hello'
  • serves them, one of em mentions the sticky tables and mac starts yellin at charlie to get back to work bussin the tables or somethin
  • dennis dee and frank walk in sometime later arguing about somethin menial idk
  • 'if i didnt know better,' dary says, sipping at his beer, 'and we HADNT just given him facial reconstruction, id say that that guy eyeballin you at the bar looks an awful lot like dierks'
  • 'that guy in the red plaid looks built. he keeps squinting at me, you think that means hes into me?'
  • mac givin him the big eyes and does the hand pass thing at one point
  • mac into wayne, dennis into katy, dennis tries to hit on her but shes not interested but he keeps at it until wayne and darry quip him
  • charlies all impressed like WHOA THAT WAS AWESOME HOWD U DO THAT
  • dennis keeps at it with katy, like oh i like ur accent
  • she hypes the fuck out of it to mock him or somethin. like o what aboot it do ya like there ehhhh
  • idk how this ends
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