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Firstly, I haven't found anything that is 100% effective on every crisis. Sometimes a thing helps and sometimes it makes me worse, these things always change from person to person and crisis to crisis. I just listed what generally works for me and may help someone that deals with anxiety too.

  • Listening to relaxing music : I use meditation songs, background noises or just instrumental songs (especially piano) to calm myself down.
  • Analyzing the situation and telling myself I'm safe : when I start to feel anxious out of nowhere, something that helps me is analysing everything thats happening around me, what I'm doing and what I'm going to do for the rest of the day until I clearly realize that nothing bad is going to happen, so I keep repeatedly reminding myself that I'm safe and things are fine.
  • Writing down my thoughts and organizing t... : When I'm about to face a situation that...
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