ff you decide you want to follow me, let me just give you a heads up!

  • my account is always locked, but follow requests are okay!
  • this is a lgbtq+ friendly twitter, so if that bothers you, please do not request.
  • i'm not someone who normally tags my tweets, but i do try my best to be respectful and not post things like gore, suicide, nsfw, etc. if there is something i post that triggers you, please let me know! just because i don't tag normally doesn't mean i don't mind if i could help make your tl a safer and more comfortable place for you!
  • my fave groups are infinite, bap, apink, gfriend, btob, exo, and monsta x. if any of those groups trigger you in any way, then i don't suggest requesting me cause i won't stop tweeting about them
  • other than that, i'm a pretty friendly and tolerant person by nature so please feel free to request if i haven't scared you off!

i'm an anxious person, so i may softblock if i feel like you don't like me or are subtweeting me, but it's nothing personal, it's just for my comfort more than anything. if i make you uncomfy, please feel free to softblock me or come talk to me! if there's something i can do to fix our mutual/friendship, then i'd much rather do that. i strongly believe comfort on your twitter comes first, so give me the same respect and i will give it back

aug 2 2016 ∞
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