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i am a 17 year old bibliophile.
i have severe nyctophobia.

"you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist."

"so, all of time and space. anything that ever happened or ever will. where do you want to start?"

astrum lux lucis! follows:
dylan books (to read.)
love machine to do (to do.)
crushes (boyfriends.)
hobbies (colors i want to dye my hair.)
a. television (guilty pleasures)
  • twilight.
  • people who see me clearly absorbed in a book, yet still feel the need to interrupt me and ask what it's about.
  • bugs, bugs, bugs. they make me cringe.
  • when your straw floats up out of your drink because of the carbonation.
  • cravings you can't satisfy at the time.
  • forgetting things. (i have horrible short-term memory loss.)
  • when people lecture me about grades / my future.
  • leaving a thrift store without buying anything.
  • those days when all of your clothing looks bad on you.
  • going back to miami after having an amazing weekend with my best friends in cape coral.
  • the day after the first day of school.
  • when something looks really nice on somebody else, but you try it on and it doesn't look right.
  • when you make your friend watch a movie you really like and they don't like it.
  • when you're really comfortable and you have to get up for something silly.
  • wanting to stay up really late and your friends fall asleep.
  • when people watch me while i'm on the computer.
  • how hot it is in florida.
  • when i quote / reference something and the other person doesn't get it and i have to explain it.
  • the fact that my 'H' key is kind of broken.
  • that i only attract creepy guys.
  • math.
  • waking up very early.
  • going to bed very early.
  • missing someone as soon as they leave.
  • sleeping. (this is half true. i hate actually going to sleep, but i love waking up. if that makes any sense.)
  • babies.
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