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i am a 17 year old bibliophile.
i have severe nyctophobia.

"you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist."

"so, all of time and space. anything that ever happened or ever will. where do you want to start?"

astrum lux lucis! follows:
dylan books (to read.)
love machine to do (to do.)
crushes (boyfriends.)
hobbies (colors i want to dye my hair.)
a. television (guilty pleasures)
  • cherry pepsi ice cream floats. (thank you, dylan murphy.)
  • seeing my best friends after a long time and just picking up right where we left off. i'm so unbelievably grateful for them. <3
  • the feeling you get when you finish an amazing book.
  • the paranormal and scaring myself.
  • drops of jupiter - train.
  • not being embarrassed to do weird things in public.
  • dancing spontaneously.
  • staying up forever with your best friend.
  • that i stopped chewing my nails, at least for now.
  • when somebody actually gets what i'm talking about.
  • recommending books and music to somebody that i know will love them.
  • laughing so hard that your ribs are sore.
  • long, deep talks with a friend that you've really missed.
  • looking at old pictures.
  • animals. (except for bugs.)
  • when you wake up and your hair looks awesome.
  • thrift stores and all the old, interesting things in them.
  • navy blue.
  • red hair.
  • when i put in my contacts and i can see everything so sharply.
  • the tradition of going to warped tour with maddie and dylan.
  • frederico, my owl tattoo.
  • my mommy.
  • when you fall asleep and you wake up with your pet snuggling against you.
  • naming things.
  • making lists.
  • fucking with people's minds.
  • talking about sex.
  • the feeling of being high.
  • drawing on my hands.
  • my mini world atlas journal.
  • the minty tingle of burt's bees chapstick on your lips.
  • the rush of stealing small things.
  • pearl necklaces.
  • my time turner.
  • chocolate.
  • wearing really cute underwear.
  • dressing up.
  • all of the harry potter movie soundtracks.
  • the space between a boy's belly button and the waistband of his pants.
  • the theory of the red string of fate.
  • the fact that my "i love" list is longer than my "i hate" list.
jun 29 2010 ∞
jun 30 2010 +
user picture dylan: you are very welcome mah dear. jun 30 2010
user picture astrum lux lucis!: i had one today with regular dr. pepper, and i almost came in my pants. also, it turned the prettiest pink color. i almost didn't want to drink it.