• a fancy for classical music
  • a fancy for gardens
  • a fancy for habits
  • a fancy for traditions and customs
  • aching knees and elbows
  • always wearing house slippers and wool socks
  • bad eyesight
  • chronically dry skin
  • comfortable, homely way to dress
  • consumption of fibre
  • disdain for adolescents and modern society
  • disorientation
  • early bedtime and early awakening
  • fabric bags to go shopping
  • fondness of floral patterns and old-fashioned furniture styles
  • fondness of homemade meals and sweets, especially those with history
  • fondness of snail mail
  • inability to understand modern slang
  • instinct to feed the birds
  • lack of sexual drive and general dislike of sexual content
  • multitude of cats (and preference of them as confidants rather than humans)
  • not renewing clothing seasonally and wearing the same things yearly
  • nutritional supplements and daily medicines
  • perpetually, hopelessly cold, even during summertime
  • preference (and insistence) to stay home over going out
  • preference for former fashions
  • rather superstitious
  • reminiscence
  • repeating stories too many times and having others reprimand me for it
  • resentment against technology
  • special remembrance for long forgone historical events
  • sticky pads in the shower
  • talking back to the television and other devices
  • usage of old-fashioned / fancy vocabulary
  • weakness, tiredness, muscle straining
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feb 22 2012 +
user picture MissS: It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like this :) feb 20 2012
user picture devon: I thought I was the only one on a few of these things! I really like this list idea, it's lovely. apr 23 2012