• broken, torn, or stained things, since I unfortunately tend to personify them a little
    • this is especially bad when one of these things happen to something with a face, like my mother's favourite blue owl that recently broke, and I can't get past it yet
  • deciding between one thing and another when I can't afford both but want them with equal intensity
  • foul smells in the house and not knowing how to make them go away
  • living far away from my best friend
  • my best friend loving her Australian best friend a lot more than she loves me (and the existence of this girl, to be honest)
  • the cats not coming home on time
  • the death of characters in books and TV series
  • the decision of cutting my fringe and having to live with it for at least eight months or so
  • the enormous amount of time left until I go to uni
  • the lack of trees and farm animals and rain or snow or hail in this place where I live
  • the tension between my father and my sister
  • untimely visitors
  • when people around me are noticeably upset (and the fact that I notice emotion very easily
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