• a bottle full of star wishes
  • a canopy over the bed
  • a collection of something
  • a drawer full of letters
  • a hidden place for sweets
  • a music box
  • a necklace tree
  • a place for special treasures
  • a place for thimbles and thread and wool
  • a quill, stationery, and a secret corner where to write
  • a quilt at the end of one's bed
  • a vanity
  • a window seat, or a way to step out and look at the Moon
  • an antique leather suitcase for adventures
  • books aplenty
  • bottles with glitter, just in case
  • candles, shaped and scented and well-loved for reading.
  • collages
  • dried flowers, hanging or in vases or pressed in books
  • dried tea bags
  • framed embroideries
  • garlands across the windows
  • gathered dried leaves and flowers
  • hanging pieces of magic
  • hats!
  • perfume bottles
  • porcelain dolls
  • profile portraits of dear ones
  • sea shells and leaf skeletons
  • snow balls
  • stones and crystals to store your energy
  • stuffed animals to guard your heart
  • tiny figurines
  • tiny teacups and saucers
  • trinket boxes
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user picture sleeping fawn: This sounds absolutely beautiful. mar 14 2012
user picture Sarah: This is so very lovely. mar 23 2012