• cats that shriek very loudly
  • inconsiderately loud partying music, cheers
  • lights in the hall
  • motorbikes or cars with loud engines, seeming as if they were to crash into a house
  • my sister when she cries
  • murmurs in the streets (they remind me of robbers)
  • my Australia-located best friend
  • my own cats that scratch my bedroom door to come inside, and then to get out
  • ridiculously belated artistic impulses
  • strange sounds coming from plastic bags or other malleable things in the wardrobe
  • the fear of another catastrophe, since one and a half of those has already happened in sleepy-time
  • the fear of not knowing who I am when I wake up (completely bonkers)
  • the feeling that there is something I've to do before I go to sleep, as if I had done it all, yet I am left with too many overdue things in the morning
  • the obsession of doing things every quarter of hour
  • the roar of the waves
  • the thought of school on the next day, whether I have or not a real reason to make me worry
  • the trauma-induced premise of an earthquake
  • tumblr and the australians (or people with my same non-insomnia sleep afflictions) that work magically when most of us sleep
jul 17 2012 ∞
apr 21 2013 +