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Hi, I'm Tabby Piggy! I'm a 20 year old college student & I love the 80's, drawing cartoons, and video games!

I'd love to be a storyboard artist, animator, indie game developer, or musician when I'm older. =D

Gender: Female (Cis)

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Chicana (Mexican American)

Orientation: Demisexual

Pets: One epic cat

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  • Character Design
  • World Building
  • Animation
  • Drawing
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Games
  • Cartoons
  • Graphic Design
  • 80s-90s aesthetics/graphic design and renders
  • Web Design/HTML
  • Reading books (sci-fi)
  • Film/Film Production
  • Music (My top fav genres are new wave, synthpop, mallsoft, vaporwave, synthwave, utopian virtual, drum and bass, and video game music lol)
  • Music production
  • Marching Band
  • The 80s-90s
  • Retro/Vintage stuff, video games, anime, ...
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Main Drawing Software: Clip Studio Paint

Other Software Used: Paint Tool SAI, MS Paint, and IbisPaint

Tablet: Huion HS610 Tablet (previously used Wacom Intuos Draw)

★ I've been drawing digitally for about 7 years (started on Colors 3D when I was 12, lol)

★ Self-taught artist

★ I don't do art trades unless I ask to do one, sorry!

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  • If I follow or interact with someone that is bad/problematic, please let me know!
  • (For Twitter and Tumblr) I am retweet/reblog heavy, I will also retweet some of my art from time to time for those that were not able to see it.
  • If you'd like to break the mutual/unfollow me, just soft block me.
  • Please don't be mad at me if I shift interests, that isn't very cool.
  • PLEASE contact me if I owe you anything, I cannot stress this enough, I tend to forget things so a reminder would be extra helpful.
  • Don't be afraid to tag me in posts, I'm grateful that you thought of me. :-D
  • I'm not very good with DMs due to anxiety or just being busy, so if I take a long time to answer, please don't think that I don't like you! I'll do as much as I can to respond as soon as possible if there ...
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Do NOT interact with/follow me if you:

  • Are homophobic, transphobic, LGBTphobic, xenophobic, proship, etc
  • Are a TERF
  • Are a fujoshi, p*dophile/MAP, z*ophile
  • Ship irl people, r*pe, inc*st, abusive relationships
  • Are racist and/or sexist
  • Are abusive to animals/you think animals have no soul and feelings
  • You retweet anything NSFW with a SFW account (I want my feed and page to be SFW and safe for everyone of all ages. I'm fine with NSFW jokes but not full on pornographic material)
  • Believe that "age is just a number" or "fiction does not affect reality"
  • You support cringe culture
  • Are against OC x canon/self inserts
  • Think that being edgy/offensive is funny (seriously you're not funny and are just ...
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