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Tabby/Sammy ★ 18 ★ ♀️
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Do NOT interact with/follow me if you:

  • Are homophobic, transphobic, LGBTphobic, xenophobic, etc
  • Are a TERF
  • Are a fujoshi, p*dophile/MAP, z*ophile
  • Ship irl people, r*pe, inc*st, abusive relationships
  • Are racist and/or sexist
  • Are abusive to animals/you think animals have no soul and feelings
  • Are an NSFW account (If you have an NSFW account, please follow me through your SFW account)
  • You retweet anything NSFW (I want my feed and page to be SFW and safe for everyone of all ages. I'm fine with NSFW jokes but not full on pornographic material)
  • Believe that "age is just a number" or "fiction does not affect reality" kind of trash
  • You support cringe culture
  • Are against OC x canon/self inserts
  • Are in the CountryHumans fandom (sorry I just really dislike this fandom)
  • Interact with + follow nonconformking/adorkablemarina on ANY site
  • Think that being edgy/offensive is funny (seriously you're not funny and are just BEGGING for attention and hate, these people are more annoying than hurtful imo)
  • Are a fan of anything yandere
  • Support large age gap relationships (just makes me really uncomfortable)
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