First House: Capricorn

  • Capricorn on the rise produces a personality that is serious, prudent and patient. Saturn rules Capricorn, and becomes the ruling planet in your chart. The Saturn influence suggests the most responsible type of personality, and gives a "never say die" approach to life that is the essence of your nature.
  • The Capricorn Ascendant also gives a reserve and a restraint that can make you seem very austere and even melancholy. You appear critical and cold because of an ethical and righteous attitude that duty must be done. This is a complex sign.
  • You seem aloof and remote, yet an elegant quality may conceal an inherent shyness. You are somewhat timid, and you may even suffer from feelings of inadequacy, especially in the early years of your life. Very straight-laced and proper behavior is sometimes a facade hiding a sense of insecurity or of feelings that you are unwanted or unappreciated.
  • You may be somewhat a workaholic and expect those around you to share such dedication to duty. You can be judgmental of others on a variety of issues. This often strains personal relationships. Because you're such a perfectionist with your work, you procrastinate a great deal. You are conservative in your actions and habits, and will remain this way even if you accumulate considerable wealth.
  • Usually, Capricorn on the rise produces an ambitious person. Yet you have more concern with your degree of prestige and status, than with the amount of money that achieving your goals may eventually bring. You seem very serious and old before your time while you are in your youth; even as a child, you are likely to be very self-sufficient. Sometimes responsibility is assumed at an early age.
  • Like the Capricorn symbol, the Mountain Goat, you climb to the top in a very slow, sure-footed way, always staying on solid ground and taking your sweet time about it. There is much stability in your makeup and you rarely become discouraged, even when you are faced with frequent setbacks and roadblocks. The combination of your superior organizing ability and overwhelming determination assures your eventual, if sometimes delayed, success

Second House: Pisces

  • With the sign Pisces influencing the second house, you tend to be lax and impractical when it comes to personal financial affairs. You'll spend your money on dreams and schemes, but then become emotionally upset and disturbed when the books don't balance. You have, nonetheless, a very generous spirit. While you have a definite appreciation for the better things in life, you could never be considered greedy or even materialistic. You should scrutinize financial documents and contracts carefully before you sign, for you have a tendency to be a little careless in this regard. On the more positive side, Pisces on the cusp of the second lends a sense of timing and intuition that may be an asset financially.

Third House: Aries

  • Aries influencing activity in the third house gives a strong need to communicate with others, and to communicate forcefully. Drive and ambition is channeled into the area of communication. Your mind is active, alert and capable of making quick decisions. You are an independent thinker and somewhat likely to "shoot from the hip", and do so very well, when it comes to expressing yourself. In your early environment, you were mentally competitive. You are an aggressive learner, always seeking new ideas and new knowledge. Still you may need to learn to stay with the lesson until is mastered. You are a little too unsettled, constantly on the go and moving about. You may find it necessary to have a physical outlet to avoid mental aggravation, impatience, and verbal outbursts.

Fourth House: Taurus

  • Taurus influences affairs in the fourth house producing a strong underlying urge toward security for your family. The home must be attractive, and, if possible, paid for and well insured. You strive to put down roots and become as stable as society will allow. Preferably, you will live in the country or at least in an area large enough to allow you to garden and have a sense of nature in your environment. You have strong instincts to provide materially for your family. Unless Venus is badly aspected, the influence of Taurus on the cusp of the fourth house suggests a very pleasant, easygoing home environment, and harmony, serenity, and graciousness in your latter years.

Fifth House: Gemini

  • The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the fifth house produces a cool and intellectual approach to romance. Variety is the spice of life, and before you settle down, you will likely have a large variety of casual affairs. Extremes in passion never seem your style. Gemini is the sign of mental energy and the fifth house denotes creativity. Thus, mental energies are best used for creative endeavors; this positions frequently produces writers and otherwise talented people. You express your creative talent in a variety of ways, never delving deeply in any area. Your offspring are likely to exhibit the duality associated with Gemini, displaying wit and intelligence. This sign is somewhat more inclined than others to produces twins.

Sixth House: Gemini

  • The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the sixth house suggests a wide variety of work. You can handle technical details without any problem. You are one who is very prone to become deeply engrossed in your work. For this to occur, your work must provide intellectual stimulation and challenge. You dislike boring and repetitious tasks. You like to work with your mind, and you are likely to succeed in fields related to scientific research, business or finance. You can write clear and concise reports, and review a wide selection of alternatives, normally choosing the right solution. Overwork is apt to have a harmful effect on your nerves. Tension is a severe problem for many with this rising sign; muscles may tighten and teeth may grind even as you sleep.

Seventh House: Cancer

  • The influence of Cancer in the seventh house suggests an emotional attachment to the marital partner. If this is untrue, then you may attract a partner that is very emotionally dependent upon you. The Moon rules Cancer and this seventh house of the marriage partner. The Moon denotes sensitivity, feelings, emotions, vulnerability, and nurturing instincts. But it also can reflect changes of feelings, extremes of sensitivity, and moodiness. Thus, you are apt to be attracted to someone who is moody, changeable, or the relationship may be an especially sensitive, nurturing one, and one full of changing phases. You crave to be mothered or cared for in an emotional sense, by your mate. Marriage may fill deep emotional needs for both of you. You are very loyal and dedicated, and while there may be many fluctuations in the marriage, as time passes, the bonds of the union tend to strengthen.

Eighth House: Virgo

  • With Virgo influencing affairs of the eighth house, you may become more concerned and critical in the conduct of joint financial affairs. Your impulsive nature is considerably restrained when it comes to family expenditures and handling money that belongs to someone else. You believe in being adequately insured and protected. You can succeed in occupations requiring close attention to detail and investigative skills, such as chemist, psychologist, or detective. This sign suggests a restrained or constrained sex life.

Ninth House: Libra

  • The Libra influence over the ninth house suggests a significant interrelationship between outward appearance and moral code. Outer appearances reflect innermost attitudes. It is likely that you always display very good taste in your appearance, and, that you are put off by things of a crude nature. You are balanced in your views of life's more serious issues, and you have a strong sense of justice. The rulership of Venus over the ninth house denotes a considerable appreciation for education, travel, law and philosophy, the issues related to this sector of the chart. Cooperation and a strong sense of social justice are shown by this placement. The public demeanor is harmonious and easygoing.

Tenth House: Scorpio

  • The Scorpio influence on the tenth house suggests the display of a degree of intensity and determination toward making your mark in the world. There is much drive to succeed in whatever you set out to do, and you are naturally able to impress others with the forcefulness of your mind. Some field of research in which you can dig out bits of information necessary to solve major problems may be the best place for you to concentrate career efforts. You project yourself to the world in very powerful and confident ways. You are inventive and determined to succeed; a strong combination.

Eleventh House: Sagittarius

  • The eleventh house is influenced by Sagittarius suggesting a wide circle of friends and associates with whom you enjoy free-wheeling exchanges of ideas. You enjoy such casual relationships, and rarely impose demands on any of your friends. Yours is a live and let live philosophy that makes it easy for people to be around you and enjoy your company. Through your natural popularity you do tend to obtain the necessary help and support to attain your goals. Good luck and good fortune seem associated with this position.

Twelfth House: Sagittarius

  • Sagittarius influences the twelfth house affairs denoting a "behind the scenes" planner. You often have all the angles figured out before anyone realizes what you are doing. The higher ideals represented by this sign are locked away and kept hidden from view. You are secretive about your religious and philosophical convictions, and you tend to keep most of your ideals and thoughts to yourself. Cautious and cool on the outside, when you get on safe ground or alone, you become humorous, joyful, and enthusiastic. It's difficult for you to let down the guard that has protected you from childhood; the stoic acceptance you project.
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