• 10th house: planets in 10th; ruler of 10th, its house, sign & aspects
  • Moon: house, sign and aspects

10th house in Cancer/Gemini – (WHERE YOU COME FROM)

    • You need affection very much, and you will go out of your way to get it. By being very friendly and charming, you make others like you, but if you do this too much, you will not develop a very strong character. You must learn that your merits and flaws exist independently of what others see in you. You are not the product of what other people see, but of your own inner energies. On the other hand, part of you is really very loving, affectionate and kind. You can make the people around you feel very good. If you take the trouble to develop your inner character, people will like you for what you really are. You will also have to develop some self-discipline about giving in to all your desires for pleasure. You could damage your health by drinking and eating for pleasure without considering good nutrition.
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  • 8th house -


    • Your emotions are very powerful, and your moods go through regular cycles of change, so that you are always growing and evolving internally. However, you are inclined to keep your feelings to yourself, even when you ought to discuss them with someone. It isn't good to bottle up your angry feelings. Women will be very important in changing your life and you may "inherit" something from a woman. You must learn to handle money and possessions carefully, because you will probably have to take care of other people's property. Your mother was likely very nurturing, but very emotional herself. At times she was unable to carry the intense emotions of you both.


  • 4th house: planets in 4th; ruler of 4th, its house, sign and aspects
  • Sun: house, sign and aspects


    • You need more warmth and support from your parents than most people, and often you may not feel that you are getting it. Your parents may seem too strict, too conservative and cautious, or they may impose too much responsibility on you. Whether or not this is true, you will see it that way. Often this placement of Saturn makes you feel that the people who are closest to you do not give you enough emotional support. Believing this, you may feel empty inside and lacking in self-confidence. An important lesson in life is to learn that you are as good as everyone else and as worthy of love as anyone. It is important to realize that your parents may be warm and loving people, but that for some reason you are just not tuned into receiving their affection. However, if your parents really are not supportive, you should find someone outside your family, a teacher or older friend, for example, who will provide reinforcement.

(_Father's Influence, because you have Uranus in your 4th house_)

    • Your early life may be quite inconsistent and unpredictable, or sudden changes may have occurred that prevent you from having a normal home life. If your parents are very supportive of you, this should not be a problem. The result will be that you may grow up with a sense of not belonging anywhere or to anyone in particular, but not being very upset with it. At best, this is a sign of a free spirit who can be at home anywhere. But this placement can also indicate insecurity because of the sudden disruptions in your personal life. You may move often and without warning during childhood, or major changes may take place in the family, which are unsettling.


  • 5th house: planets in 5th; ruler of 5th, its house, sign and aspects
    • Your problem in life will be discouragement, which you will always have to fight. At times you feel that everything works to defeat you and make you lose. Everyone feels that way on occasion, but you seem to take it more seriously, as a sign of your own unworthiness. Instead of just chalking up a defeat to experience, you condemn yourself.
    • Sometimes this aspect signifies a desire to escape from this world altogether, perhaps through drugs, perhaps through strange cults and religions. Some people experience this aspect as basic physical weaknesses in the form of allergies or a tendency to minor infections and illnesses. All your life you should be careful about the kinds of drugs you take, even under a doctor's care.
    • You need a great deal of freedom, and you insist on your right to do things in your own way. Probably you will be attracted most strongly to people who are quite unusual. You are not actively rebellious yourself, and others may even think you are quite conventional, but inside you are very much an individual.
    • Even though you may move often in your life, you will soon feel at home wherever you are. This aspect gives you the ability to tolerate and respect offbeat people and unusual situations, even when you aren't personally attracted to them. You will work hard to achieve the sense that you are a unique person, so you are willing to respect other people's uniqueness.

Saturn Opposition Midheaven:

    • This can be a difficult placement, indicating that you feel so lonely and so different from others that it is hard to relate to them. You need a great deal of emotional support from your family. Your mother, especially, may demand a great deal and expect you to live up to very high standards, without giving you very much emotional reinforcement.
    • One possible effect of this placement is that you will be very active socially. You are trying to escape from your sense of inadequacy through others. However, the only way that you can really conquer this feeling is by going inside, confronting yourself and accepting what you are.
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