First House: Pisces

  • With Pisces rising, the planetary "Ruler" of your horoscope is Neptune. This Ascendant produces a personality that is idealistic, supersensitive, and usually a person with much vision. The Neptune influence in your nature causes you to have something of a Don Quixote complex, with little concern for reality. You may be very easygoing, at times you can even seem indolent; a romantic and a dreamer.
  • With Pisces on the rise you may the type of person who frequently asks for advice, because you often lack the confidence to move ahead on your own, and you are so unsure of yourself. Strangely, you rarely take the advice you receive. You tend to dream your way through life, glamorizing situations, people, status, and circumstances. You are a very secretive person, in part because you are somewhat timid, a fact you hide with great skill. You may avoid drawing attention to yourself, and because you do, you may not receive the credit you often deserve. You have a strong inner need to serve others in your life's work and you can be really happy if you can do so.
  • Self-realization is of prime importance, and it is therefore essential for you to spend a good deal of time by yourself. Often this sign denotes involvement or strong interest in music or another form of art.
  • You are likely to set high goals and expect much from yourself and from those around you. Since you expect people to be perfect, you are often disappointed in them. Although you don't at all like being confrontation, you are heavily vested in the idea that you are right all of the time. Living the utopian life, you find it hard to accept that you have miscalculated.
  • Pisces is a water (emotional) sign and it is mutable, or adaptable. The sign of Pisces is the two fish, swimming in opposition directions. This symbolizes the difficulty that you may have in making decisions. Confrontation and clear-cut decisions are not easy for you to manage. You prefer a more considered approach that relies on your strong intuitive feelings to lead the way. There is a certain naivety associated with this Ascendant that is not unlike the Ostrich who has hidden his head in the sand.

Second House: Aries

  • This part of your life is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars. Thus, when it comes to making money, you can be very assertive and competitive. There is a deep-seated inferiority complex behind your strong quest for significance. You may continue to drive yourself hard even when you no longer have a sense of material need. You tend to be impulsive and impractical when it comes to money and possessions. You put little forethought in expenditures, displaying an attitude of "easy come, easy go." Nonetheless, you almost seem to enjoy a good fight over money or possessions.

Third House: Taurus

  • The influence of Taurus on the cusp of the third house creates a stubbornness in your thinking that belies your pliable nature. You are a slow learner, but once an idea is lodged in your brain, it's there to stay. In early education you may have been an indifferent student, but as you mature you accumulate a wealth of knowledge and understanding. This sign, ruled by Venus, often shows a strong interest in the arts, especially music.

Fourth House: Gemini

  • The influence of Gemini suggests that ties to home are not particularly strong. You are apt to move about a good deal, or at least you would like to. You like to have people around you, but not the same people for too long. There is a reluctance to form lasting ties and a solid foundation. With the strong influence of Gemini in the latter part of your life, many vague ideas that formally floated through your mind may become clarified. You may find that your inclination to write or otherwise express concrete intellectual ideas increases as you grow older. Mental stimulation is likely to continue throughout your life.

Fifth House: Cancer

  • Cancer on the cusp of the fifth house produces a sensitiveness regarding creative efforts, and you need immediate recognition and approbation for all you do. In romance, you are somewhat old-fashioned and sentimental. You are very protective of your family, and tend to be very maternal toward offspring. Your creative work may tend toward the artistic, especially theater. You have good writing abilities and you can communicate more easily in writing than in speech. You are tuned in to the trends of the time, and you are very much aware of the needs of others. You can generally trust your gut reaction in matters of speculation. Your emotional security is very dependent on the affairs of this house; your personal self-expression or in having children. The Moon's involvement in romance can produces some very emotionally painful experiences until you learn to deal with your innate vulnerability and feelings in a positive way.

Sixth House: Leo

  • The influence of Leo in the sixth house shows that your work is the focus of your life. Pride of accomplishment is strongly marked when the Sun rules the sixth house. You can lose yourself completely in work and service. It is natural for you to want to show off the product of your labors. There is a tendency to be domineering over coworkers and subordinates. You have a feeling of authority where work and services are concerned because of the influence of the Sun ruling this house. You are naturally low in vitality when things are not going well on the job or when you are not getting the recognition you feel you deserve. Illnesses, for the most part, are psychosomatic and used to attract attention. Objective self-evaluation brings increased energy and vitality.

Seventh House: Virgo

  • The influence of Virgo in the seventh house denotes a need for a mate or a partner who will compensate for your lack of efficiency. As a very idealistic person, you are attracted to the intellectual who will balance and help bring your dream world to more of a reality; someone who can manage the detail while you have the vision. Partners, including the marital partner, tend to be hard working and effectual, and assume most of the responsibility of helping you take care of your practical affairs. You are not a particularly easy person to live with. You tend to be highly right-brained oriented, while your partner operates best in a left-brained environment. It is beneficial when you connect with an intelligent, analytical, and fact-oriented partner.

Eight House: Libra

  • The influence of Libra in the eighth house denotes financial gain through marriage and partnerships. It also shows that you can get just about everything you really want with a diplomatic approach. Often the balance obtained in partnerships produces an equilibrium otherwise missing in your nature. Much of your potential for success depends on the support of others. You have a large capacity for love at the communal level.

Ninth House: Scorpio

  • The influence of Scorpio in the ninth house shows a strong interest in abstract ideas and studying the many mysteries of life. There is great depth in your need to know and understand the purpose of living. It is probable that your studies and philosophy will be outside what is considered orthodox; it is likely that occult laws will hold a special interest for you. You are critical of formal academic disciplines, preferring to attune yourself to these questions through direct experience instead of through normal intellectual processes. There is a strong, almost compulsive urge to travel around the world. Although it is a bit out of style these days, traveling by sea should have a special appeal for you.

Tenth House: Sagittarius

  • The Sagittarius influence in the tenth house shows that you have the abilities to be a leader in an inspirational sense. There is a philosophical angle to your attitude in this area, and the importance of the career is measured more in terms of idealism and service to others, instead of in terms of power. You can rise in your profession because of your willingness to work long and hard. Your studied approach usually permits you to sell your ideas to the public, and you never hesitate using your influence to attain goals. A good deal of travel is likely to be associated with your career. You may have more than one career in your lifetime as it is important for you continuously to feel a sense of challenge if you are to be successful.

Eleventh House: Capricorn

  • The Capricorn influence in the eleventh house severely limits the number of friends, and by your own choice, especially in the early part of life. Those with whom you're intimately close are few, yet later in life you may enjoy the companionship of those who are older than you (though not necessarily in years). You are not gregarious and most of the time you try to avoid crowds. You are socially very isolated and never a joiner. This influence adversely affects the degree of assistance you receive from others, and you are left to achieve your goals on your own.

Twelfth House: Aquarius

  • The influence of Aquarius in the twelfth house produces a significant interest in the matters of the subconscious mind and the hidden laws of the universe. Your association and interest in these matters may cause others to view you as a dreamer, when you are remarkably systematic and objective in your thinking. High humanitarian ideals put you ahead of your time in the inner realms of awareness. The responsibility of Aquarius is service to others and if you fail in this, you tend to feel hemmed in, restrained, and of little worth.
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