1 - Creativity and Confidence

  • Positive >> Channels high energy and inspiration into creativity and service; feels secure with self.
  • Negative >> Feels blocked, stuck, frustrated; feels inferior, ill, lethargic, insecure; possibly addicted.

0 - Inner Gifts

  • Positive >> Uses gifts of sensitivity, strength, expressiveness, and intuition in service of others, for higher purpose.
  • Negative >> Hypersensitive and nervous; stubborn; sarcastic, caustic expression; confused by internal feelings or intuitions.

Number 1

  • Positive >> Leadership, Originality, Individuality, Executive Ability, Creative Thought, Inventive Ideas, Strong Will, Determination, Courage, Good initiative, Energetic, Pioneering, Inspirational, Strong Opinions, Action Oriented, Masculinity.
  • Negative >> Aggressive, Dominant, Willful, Know-it-all, Demands own way, Impulsive, Boastful, Cynical, Self-centered, Headstrong, Conceited; Egotist, Defiant, Impatient, Stubborn, Bossy, Forceful.

Working 37/10 in the Positive

  • In the positive, 37/10s bring a lightness and energy to those they contact. Trusting themselves and the energy working through them, they walk forward confidently and lightly, with the faith that even if they make a mistake, it's a natural part of their path. They have the courage and openness to express their deepest feelings and communicate their inner needs directly and clearly, creating trust based on understanding. They feel joy in their expanding gifts and creativity, which enables them to do refined work in healing or other fields as they tune into other people and feel a deepening connection with the natural world. This healing may take many forms, such as art, music, drama, or other aesthetic forms of expression.

Working 37/10 in the Negative

  • Starting out as naively trusting seekers, these individuals withdraw from others out of insecurity and fear of being embarrassed, so the very betrayal they fear comes true. Not revealing their feelings, they find or perceive that people misunderstand or even mistrust them. Angry or depressed with themselves, they have disturbing dreams, which reveal the shadow side they fear. They also feel repressed bitterness about relationships, and they struggle with blocked, frustrated creative energies. Physical maladies may force them to confront issues of health.
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