• deviant art - i don't have free time to fuck around on photoshop. i'm an adult goddamnit
  • flickr - the old instagram
  • livejournal - never did get into lj. but somehow it's still up
  • myspace - i don't even know what the hell myspace transformed into. before, i was able to completely change the layout and make it my own page. now, it's too complicated for me... i'm no longer that teenager.
  • purevolume - omfg, purevolume....
  • vimeo - you take too damn long, that is why i've broken up with you and moved to youtube... hallah!
  • vox - was the shit. why did it have to completely disappear. i should have saved all my posts. fuck it!
feb 12 2015 ∞
apr 17 2015 +