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you don't deserve to be lonely, but those drugs you've got won't make you feel better. pretty soon you'll find it's the only little part of your life you're keeping together.

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  • deviant art - i don't have free time to fuck around on photoshop. i'm an adult goddamnit
  • flickr - the old instagram
  • livejournal - never did get into lj. but somehow it's still up
  • myspace - i don't even know what the hell myspace transformed into. before, i was able to completely change the layout and make it my own page. now, it's too complicated for me... i'm no longer that teenager.
  • purevolume - omfg, purevolume....
  • vimeo - you take too damn long, that is why i've broken up with you and moved to youtube... hallah!
  • vox - was the shit. why did it have to completely disappear. i should have saved all my posts. fuck it!
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(08/15) fast food restaurants outnumber grocery stores in america 5:1 - granted, the list of disturbing trends in america right now is mighty long, but the fact that the ratio of fast food restaurants to grocer... is 5:1 deserves a place in the ranks.

(05/11) toilet paper's eternal debate wages on - according to engineering degree, only 50% of people pay attention to the orientation of their toilet paper roll at all. of that group, 1 in 5 people get annoyed if the toilet paper is facing the opposite direction, and men are more likely to be annoyed by the situation. another fun fact? the discussion page for toilet paper orientation on wikipedia is twice as long as the page for the iraq war.

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(08/01) how to pirate vinyl records - just because vinyl records are analog, it doesn't mean you can't pirate them. all you need is a wood box, glass, window cement, silicone mixture, liquid plastic and a drill press. hey, i didn't say it was going to be easy.

(08/01) the triceratops never existed, it was actually a young version of another ... - scientists are saying that the tricera...more.

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once on the list: forest gump, gigantic, the reader, my sister's keeper, harry potter: hbp, push, funny people, the time traveler's wife, inglourious basterds, loving annabelle, sunshine cleaning, the final destination, 500 days of summer, the cake eaters, finding neverland, spread, where the wild things are, the stepfather, knowing, a christmas carol, love actually, i heart huckabees, the dutchess, julie and julia, chapter 27, precious, brothers, the virgin suicides, candy, perfume, the big lebowski, whip it, this boy's life, the lonely bones, marie antoinette, eat. pray. love., blue valentine, all good things, never let me go

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  • a change of pace, a day to remember, against me, albert hammond jr., angles and airwaves, arctic monkeys, beastie boys, the beatles, blindside, blink-182, box car racer, the bravery, bullet for my valentine, chevelle, coldplay, david bowie, disturbed, finch, five finger death punch, franz ferdinand, from first to last, godsmack, horrorpops, incubus, interpol, jack johnson, julian casablancas, linkin park, lostprophets, machine gun kelly, modest mouse, morrissey, muse, nirvana, oh no not stereo, one direction , pepper, radiohead, rage agains the machine, rancid, story of the year , sublime with rome, sugarcult, sum 41, the dirty heads, the hives, the lashes, the libertines, the smiths, the strokes, the sounds, the used, the vines, the white stripes, transplants, trust company, twenty one pilots, velvet revolver, volbeat, we are lions, wolfmother, yeah yeah yeahs, 30 seconds to mars, 311

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  • adam green, avenged sevenfold, elliott smith, goldfinger, green day, gwen stefani, foo fighters, harvey danger, hot hot heat, in this moment, jet, kittie, louis xiv, no doubt, nofx, ramones, red jumpsuit apparatus, rise against, she wants revenge, sublime, the killers, the mars volta, the offspring, the smashing pumpkins, up syndrome, violent femmes, weezer

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  • jack johnson (14 jul 2017)
  • muse (11 aug 2013)
  • the dirty heads (19 nov 1011)
  • the sounds (15 nov 2011)
  • the used (03 oct 2015 / 28 may 2016)
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  • 1,157 gallons of water is saved in a year by peeing in the shower
  • wayne allwine, the voice of mickey mouse, was married to russi taylor, the voiceof minnie
  • the lightsaber sound effect is a combination of the hum of an idling 35mm movie projector and the feedback generated by passing a stripped microphone cable by a television.
  • many traffic lights and lift buttons are actually placebo buttons – in other words, they do nothing at all when pressed. they exist to give the presser the feeling of control.
  • august 2009 had 5 saturdays, 5 sundays and 5 mondays, all in one month. this only happens once in 823 years.
  • the average child recognizes 200 company logos by the time he enters elementary school.
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  • yellow/black checkered classic slip-on by vans
  • cobain unseen
  • live in london, united kingdom
  • visit australia (dec '14)
  • dress up as a superhero (or peter pan) on halloween
  • mini cooper
  • a typewriter
  • fujifilm pivi
  • lomography camera (fisheye)
  • the geeks' guide to world domination: be afraid, beautiful people
  • walking with dinosaurs
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  • i'm xx, birthday: march xx
  • vegetarian, since march 2005
  • i listen to music, a lot
  • currently living in nj
  • checkers slip ons, all day erry day
  • i lick the cup before i take my first sip
  • if it were real, i'd train to be a jedi
  • my closet is 90% that of a 6 y/o would wear
  • road rage, on safety features (blinkers, etc.)
  • last log in: 24 may 2022
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  • you were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight -elizabeth gilbert, eat pray love
  • happiness is a direction, not a place -sydney j. harris
  • be happy for no reason, like a child. if you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you -deepak chopra
  • i've learned that people will forget what you say to them, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel -maya angelou
  • we’re making it up. the world, the universe, life, reality. especially reality -tom robbins
  • life begins at the end of your comfort zone -neale donald walsch
  • people don’t want to be greedy, they want to be happy, but they’re often too greedy to notice -julian casablancas
  • i can’t think of anything lonelier than..._-mary ann shaffer_
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  • united states (30)

california, new mexico, arizona, nevada, texas, virginia, illinois, maryland, washington, idaho, minnesota, north dakota, hawaii, georgia, massachusetts, new york, connecticut, new jersey, rhode island, ohio, oklahoma, missouri, indiana, pennsylvania, west virginia, florida, mississippi, louisiana, colorado, tennessee

  • other (11)

japan, iceland, germany, romania, kyrgyzstan, mexico, kuwait, afghanistan, ireland, taiwan, australia

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  • walking through a tunnel with water and sea creatures around me and it imploding (ex: aquariums, pet stores)
  • being attacked by chickens, ostrich, or any type of bird
  • wasting my life online
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  • watched them all :)

once on the list: bambi, alice in wonderland, peter pan, sleeping beauty, one hundred and one dalmations, mary poppins, beauty and the beast, pocahontas, the jungle book, the lion king, cinderella, monsters inc., aladdin, the little mermaid, toy story, pinocchio, snow white and the seven dwarfs, tarzan, dumbo

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  • itouch (2012)
  • huge ass tv (2011)
  • ps3, 250 gb (2010)
  • red dualshock 3 wireless controller (2010)
  • grand theft auto iv (ps3) (2010)
  • toy story, blu ray (2010)
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