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  • performing the michael jackson tribute dance at competition
  • crazy classes with mc. garza before he turned bipolar
  • couch@t!
  • when chandonae was walking on some paper towels and then fell
  • going to see mean girls with a bajillion people
  • the magical wall
  • planning jenn's surprise party
  • that one time we all drew with chalk on the wall
  • that early dismissal we had where we all went to my house and tested ketchup
  • nichole's 17th birthday
  • that other early dismissal where nichole came back and we took over the world
  • government with chantel
  • the first day of economics class where matthews talked about krispie kreme equaling crack
  • "you look different today jeffrey, did you wash your face?"
  • project graduation
mar 6 2008 ∞
mar 13 2008 +