• i want a house with a wraparound porch and a huge backyard
  • i want the backyard to have a bunch of trees, and one tree will have a treehouse for my kids and another tree will have a tire swing
  • i want an amazing garden filled with lilies and forget me nots and sunflowers and every kind of flower except roses
  • i want to be in the advertising industry, either as a copywriter or an art director. i want to make global ads that win awards and persuade you to buy crap you don't need.
  • i want to support my parents so that they never have to work again
  • i want to adopt a bunch of dogs from shelters
  • i want to be completely in love with the guy i marry
  • i want to be a cool mom
  • i want to still be in touch with all the people i love
apr 1 2008 ∞
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