• jasper looked like edward scissor hands!
  • edward actually cover his nose when bella sat down in lab
  • "say it" "vampire"
  • edward putting bella's seat belt on and her yelling "i got it!"
  • edward "glittering"
  • most of cedric digorry/robert pattinson's facial expressions
  • kristin acting like hermione
  • eyebrow acting!
  • asian invasion of sorts
  • "hold on tight, spider monkey!"
  • alice's crazy leg during baseball
  • my friends <3
nov 23 2008 ∞
nov 23 2008 +
user picture Jerrica: This list in surprisingly short. I cannot believe you didn't include secondhand crack and the use of one single facial expression by many of the "actors", oh and the weird make-up line between the face and the neck of certain vamps. Seriously, I could go on forever! feb 27 2009