Two of my cats are leaving with my mother for New Jersey. I don't know how I'm going to live without them, I really don't.

  • The way she sleeps on my chest & back, or curls up next to me.
  • Playing fetch!
  • The way she'll drop the broken balloon she plays fetch with on the couch next to you, looking up at you expectantly.
  • The way she pants after going at it a while, just like a dog.
  • The way she immediately perks up at the slightest sound of that broken balloon.
  • Her endearing jealousy, & the way she comes running anytime she sees or hears you petting or talking to one of the other cats, forcing herself between them & your hand.
  • The way she meows in feeble protest when you pick her up & hold her.
  • The way she meows when you set down the water.
  • The way she licks the water off her paw instead of lapping it up from the bowl, sometimes.
  • The way she'll lick your arm for ten minutes at a time.
  • The way she kneads her paws on your lap or your stomach.
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