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Male, 29, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic,

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

C places (Of Residence)
tilly favourites (drink)
beth 29 while 29 (goals)
The Movie List Challenge
The Book List Challenge
  • write the comic/practise drawing.
  • practice sketching
  • research "rowing bike" - not happening
  • learn more Tamil
  • see friends from first year
  • take a picture everyday
  • cycle somewhere new
  • get fit/lose weight/get one's pump on
  • make a few more lists
  • look up potential employers
  • decide what I want to do when I graduate
  • ebay some stuff
  • put some thought into the radio show
  • find a job/something to do for 2 months??
  • grow a beard and moustache
jul 10 2011 ∞
aug 23 2011 +