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Male, 29, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic,

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

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  • meeting new extended family members
  • staying up until 3am and getting up at 8am and sleeping during the day
  • talking to my 5 year old cousin and telling her about things and teaching her new things and generally talking to her
  • listening to radio phone-ins between 1am and 3am (BBC LDN or LBC)
  • fantasise about situations in which i meet girls i find attractive and we would fall helplessly in love
    • happening more now im at uni living in halls
  • hanging out in busy places
  • Sitting on benches in parks
  • having one to one chats with people and learning something new about them.
  • doing something cultural like go to an art gallery or museum
  • helping people
  • talking to my sister's friends cos they think I'm awesome - but its just cos i'm the only older person who actually talks to them
  • discovering new tv shows
    • Phineas and Ferb FTW
  • getting to know someone I always see but have never spoken to and having every preconception of their personality changed.
  • riding the bus to the end of the line and sitting at the back of the bus
  • being hugged - and if that hasn't happened in a while I tell my 5 year old cousin 'I'm cold' and she hugs me :)
  • going cycling with my sister to somewhere new
  • being in awkward situations
  • being part of a group but not talking and just observing
    • i do it by default when the group im in is super unproductive, because at some level,i know my inputs will just add to the hideousness.
  • experiencing something new
  • learning something fascinating
  • Picking up new slang - which is then used in conversation and freaks people out
  • going into London and walking around an area where I have never been
  • Going supermarket shopping with the family - we usually start hitting each other with stuff of the shelf or do a bob-sleigh hanging off the sides or ram the trolley into something while someone stands on the end or close the door on someone whilst they're getting something in the freezer or have a race through the busiest parts or get two chairs which the cashiers use and have races or stack cans in massive pyramids. we now have been taking to randomly pushing each other then one person yells something like 'lets take this outside' or 'dont turn this into a scene' and we storm off in a huff, not actually intending to fight, but making it seem so.
  • going to giant hardware shops and riding on trolleys which you can load stuff into.and getting in the baths in bathroom models. and do a whole setup where we have one of us hide in a shower lure another to the area and make them open it or just plain jump out in them. (hilarious when other people see us)
  • Washing the car at a petrol station and my dad letting me and sister mess around with the jet wash and getting free coffee.
  • Doing Examination papers - gives me a crazy buzz
  • being lost and finding my way using my intuition and instinct and learning more about an area in the process.
  • Sitting in the old leather sofa, still in my back garden, to read and chat on the phone
  • making my mother laugh
  • playing games we just made up or being spontaneously being challenged to do something and competing - my favourite is tap race - in the science labs there would be water taps between desks and from them there were two taps. the aim was to see who could get their's to drip the fastest without making a constant stream. A game I first played with my crush.
  • discovering new music
  • discovering new websites
  • doing something i have never done before
  • taking things apart - usually to fix thing broken things but occasionally I break working things and frantically try to get them working again before anyone notices...
  • being in empty coffee shops or cafes or in large rooms which are empty.
  • staring out of the loft skylight at 2am in the morning
  • watching a movie in an empty theatre
  • getting up early
  • doing chemistry practicals and messing around in them. no more :'(
  • going on spontaneous walks with people
  • hanging out with younger kids and being immature - namely my sister's friends - mainly cos they think im cool and im the only older person who ever talks to them
  • surfing on the internet randomly
  • adding to my lists
  • building a computer from components and adding them to my basket in an online shop with a different challenge each time eg under £500 or ideal gaming rig or HTPC.
  • Making a joke which includes a reference to popular culture or copying a joke off television and have it recognised
  • Generally slipping quotes from TV shows in the hope someone may pick up on it.
  • Relating to a stranger for a split second and make eye contact and smile
  • Waiting for a bus at the 'crazy bus stop'
  • finding a cappella versions of my favourite songs on youtube
  • finding remixes on the hype machine
  • being a passenger on some form of transport and staring out the window losing my self in my ever changing surroundings.
  • talking on the telephone and forgetting where you are and being lost in conversation
  • Being really ironic (but people say i end up being really mean but in a funny way)
  • out of rhythm uninspired dancing
  • causing a non verbal cause of confusion done involuntarily with shop assistants/strangers.
  • going on swings in the park FTW.
  • having a running race when walking home with my sister.
    • things start of civil (just walking) then we realise neither of us want to be the last one in so the pace quickens, then before long we are sprinting.
  • trying to remember a word and then the subsequent sense of relief when the word comes to you at a time when you forgetting the word is the last thing you are thinking about or if you just hear it.
  • telling long anecdotes and finishing with an underwhelming and unsatisfying ending
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