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Male, 29, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic,

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

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Having few people I spend time with, mainly due to lack of corresponding interests, I spend much of my time with my BFFL and as such have developed the following habits...

  • Hang out in the library every lunch and talk in the quiet section
  • Blame peer pressure - despite the fact we have hardly any friends nor try to impress new people especially
  • Make references to things only we would get in front of other people
  • Say ridiculous or obscene things in front of people to make them confused or shock them into silence
  • Stress a weird idiosyncrasy or poor grammar of friends we are having conversations with usually by doing them ourselves.
  • Speak of our short comings such as our lack of charisma and self-esteem as the primary reason of all our other shortcomings in life.
  • Have new favourite people every week usually someone random we see
  • Assign a new best friend in the event of each others death, usually someone who has a vaguely similar appearance or is really cool (or sometimes done ironically to donate how bad a friend the other other is) as and when we see appropriate people.
  • Choosing us each partners from the people who happen to be on the bus - the older the better.
  • Assign a weekly loser of the week, month and all time.
  • Make a scientific based joke in front of people and look at them funny when they don't laugh
  • Compare the other person to other people who are more successful and stress the differences.
  • Try to make the other person look stupid.
  • Give each other bad tips on how to approach the other sex - tips the giver has never used and probably will never use usually sourced from pop culture or the internet.
  • Eating chips in Rainbows - open, large, salt and vinegar
  • Having special places only we go
  • Going to the park and watching all the dogs running around. Sometimes dogs approach us with a ball/stick expecting us to throw it. after having checked the owner isn't nearby, we usually play with the dog. Yay. they usually leave when they get called :( - we never forget you...
  • Sitting on the benches in the park. We also found out that we found ourselves talking about certain things on certain benches and then we subsequently renamed them to things such as sex bench and relationships bench. Whenever possible we move between benches if we ever needed to change the subject.
  • Getting on the bus and seeing people we recognise.
  • grab a part of each other's body or do something provocative when other is talking to someone important
  • Look things up on wikihow in the relationships section
  • hang out in the year base because we haven't been there for ages then realise we have no friends and hate it and feel lonely
  • Make jokes about our friends in an elitist way
  • Hug each other.
  • Sit in a different seat every lesson to get a new perspective
  • Think the other is more popular and successful in every way
  • talk about each other's crushes in a derogatory manner highlight the reasons for the odd choice
  • enjoy it when people approach us
  • Have a favourite Nobel laureate
  • stroke our non existent beards playing chess.
  • make plans for activities which we lack the motivation to do
  • being the founding members of the circle of losers - ironically renamed the 'circle of winners'
  • point out famous people who went to or are going to Oxbridge because we both got rejected :(
  • Sitting at the back of the bus - next to the other shady characters and disliking the kids who rush to the back cos its fun yet the share to the same childish desires
  • remark the other should give up smoking when they cough excessively although neither of us smoke.
  • When one of us do something stupid, claim that 'other people would leave you right now but since I'm such a good friend I won't.'
  • shout 'Doppler' every time a police car, ambulance or fire engine goes by.
  • say what the other is about to say
  • Claim we use the other to 'look good by comparison'
  • When I get off the bus at my earlier stop, we state how we will 'see you in another life' giving the impression to others that we just met. however regulars on the bus would deduce we do this every time so yeh...
  • think too much over something
  • mock teachers' disproportionate representation of the solar system. ie that's not earth - probably mercury, that planet cannot sustain life - its not in the habitable zone, and other witty remarks regarding its disproportionate size, knowing full well that a to scale representation requires too much space to be draw.
  • Offer sympathetic laughs for each others poor attempts at being funny.
  • try to convince each other that this quiet guy we talk to is actually imaginary cos no one else ever talk to him. i must admit i wait with a held breath until someone else makes contact with him - damn you paranoia
  • ask how our kids and our wife are doing after having not seen each other after a long time despite the fact neither of us have either of those things.
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