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Male, 29, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic,

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

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Being 17, it makes it hard for me to relate to my cousin who is only 5 (aaawww bless) so most of our exchanges tend to be based on her questions she has about the world

Here is a list of the things which i have taught her

  • how to count in fives
  • about bones
  • about the heart, lungs and other internal organs
  • where chicken comes from
  • how to use an ipod
  • how to use a computer
  • how to subtract big numbers
  • how to count higher than 100
  • what the buttons on the TV remote are for
  • how to tell the time on an analog clock
  • how to adjust the height on an office chair
  • how to be an even nicer person
  • that smoking is bad for you
  • what exams are - oh the horror
  • that fizzy drinks arent good for you
  • why animals are born 'young' and not fully developed
  • where babies come from (fyi when a woman wants a baby enough she gets one)
  • how to bowl in Wii sports
  • what a gun is and what its for.
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aug 4 2009 +
user picture satyam: remember to teach her the horrors of alcohol. may 29 2009
user picture Kumaran: how then is she supposed to deal with the horror of life