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Male, 24, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic, never stopping to think, living life

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

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  • People have no idea ultimately why they do the things they do - rather they do it because they know they should
  • Everyone is allowed an 'off' day cos you never know what pressure/stress they're under
  • people that lead into the unknown do so with fear but with the hope they are rewarded when they succeed otherwise they are like you - lost and unsure.
  • Things get worse when not thought about
  • One can believe a lie to an extent it blurs with the truth just to make something easier on their conscious.
  • All people want is a bit of attention and want to be liked. Extroverts seek it and ignore failure by basking in their reward. Introverts are scared of failure or convince themselves they don't need it.
  • People are never aware of how their actions affect a person's life.
  • It's best to suck up any negativity someone gives you and write it off as a bad day on their part
  • Accept when you have made someone upset and apologise, even if unintentional.
  • Speak openly about how you feel to those who upset you.
  • People say/do things for a reason - find that reason before judging them.
  • people never truly think before they speak - its all an impulse - responses deemed suitable - observed from other conversations.
  • People are a product of their experiences - it is what shapes us. otherwise we are all identical
  • We are as much bound by rational thought as we are our animal instinct - that's what makes life interesting and also makes us human.
  • teaching someone ANYTHING is hard. Respect those that do or even try.
  • the best people in the world are those which you think about least.
  • people all think alike. so when you wonder what someone is thinking picture things from their shoes and you have your answer.
  • people will talk about anything - all you have to do is be there to listen
  • there are no 'weak' people only those who think they are.
  • no one ever has an original thought - everything we think is that which has churned in our heads and we've heard from elsewhere. The one's that do are true geniuses.
  • Girls who talk to guys want attention or a relationship. The guys who is spoken to, only want a relationship.
  • Our essential purpose is to reproduce. To enable this the human psyche forms short term goals which in the end leads to nothing but in the process we have procreated. We have emotion so that we feel the experience is worthwhile and the most positive emotions there are all point towards reproducing.
  • Emotions do not reflect whether we are doing something positive or negative but rather if we are closer to reproducing or not.
  • Differentness and that which is not expected is funniest
  • The most 'popular' people tend to have the most standard responses to life and are so because of this.
  • We are always thinking something else subconsciously usually to do with copulating.
  • Everyone is beautiful. Perhaps not in the classical sense but we are all perfectly functioning organisms and vaguely symmetrical forms.
  • People only understand themselves. Therefore they think that everyone is exactly like them when trying to understand other people. Therefore we like those which are similar to ourselves because we understand them best and those who are different we see as strange. Though the reality is we all feel the same emotions and are more like than we may first consider or may ever come to appreciate.
  • sometimes people just want to vent their anger. However they not be as self aware to realise their 'victim' is privy to this information.
  • rage can hinder rational thought.
  • There's a subtly that comes from truly understanding something.
  • those that make the biggest sacrifices are never recognised, and they do in the hope they one day are.
  • the last thing people like to be told is what they've done wrong. worse still is lots of people knowing what they have done wrong.
  • if you think you can trust your kids, they're good liars.
  • Teenage kids can take for granted the unconditional love of their parents. Good parents understand this.
  • Most actions are comprehensible given the cirsumstances.
  • Your parents were like you once.
  • getting to the top is tough, staying there is tougher still.
  • expectations are wasted thoughts.
  • giving the illusion of not being interested get you furthest.
  • art is easier to justify after you've done it than be creative with an explicit purpose
  • the world is full of illusions and most that is the world is filled with short term effort producing reward.
  • life's better when you have someone to aspire to be like.
  • the key to flawlessness is hiding your mistakes creatively.
  • youre not 17 forever but you can think that way
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