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Male, 24, London, overly self aware, pseudo intelligent, densely ironic, never stopping to think, living life

My Listography Philosophy (rhymes)- I create lists which I myself want to see in other people's listography. I also like lists which detail the emotion, feelings, thoughts and experiences of someone rather than the tangible for it is what goes on in our head which makes truly unique.

Kumaran follows:
C travel (50 States)
autobio (What I Used To Believe)
tilly wishlist
beth 28 while 28 (golden year )
countries (i've traveled to)
  • get drunk at work while off duty on the last night shift, staying up, watching movies all night
  • drinking on shift
  • take 3 hours out of a night shift to watch movies with the gang
  • get free breakfast after nights
  • get free breakfast during mornings
  • sleep in the linen room
  • buy 100 ice pops and then consume ice pops on shift
  • drink white russians at after work drinks
  • organise the cocktail party
  • get really drunk at the party and do the walk of shame.
  • do a UROP at the same time
  • that one shift with special K
  • hairdryers and 50 shades
  • silent disco
  • Call to peru
  • do radio shows with the gang
  • turn up late to the leaving do
  • leave early that one time and ask friend at 6 am to cover and get caught and almost get into trouble and not get any sleep before next shift.
  • take the mobile by accident
  • prank call everyone, even those in the same room 6 feet away
  • flirt shamelessly with everyone
  • binge eat left over muller light
  • break all the left over apples in half
dec 2 2012 ∞
oct 9 2015 +