• walk
  • be happy
  • read
  • relax
  • be outside
jun 14 2009 ∞
jun 14 2009 +
  • Take a 10-30 minutes walk every day. And while you walk, smile.
  • Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • Sleep for 7 hours
  • Live with the 3 E’s — Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
  • Play more games.
  • Read more books than you did the previous year.
  • Make time to practice meditation, yoga, and prayer. * They provide us with daily fuel for our busy lives.
  • Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
  • Dream more while you are awake.
  • Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try to make at least three people smile e...
apr 30 2009 ∞
apr 30 2009 +
  • Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion
  • chlorine
  • charcoal
  • food on the bbq
  • honeysuckle
  • watermelon
  • my dad's tomato plants
  • strawberries with sugar
  • lemonade
  • citronella candles
  • bug sprayed ankles
  • fresh cut grass
  • sun soaked skin
  • wooden dock smell
  • cotton shirts and towels, dried by the sun
  • the lake house air conditioner
  • salt water
  • fresh water
  • hose water
  • heavy, hot, humid air
apr 15 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • tye dye colors & clothes
  • a Canon XSi
  • a 35MM Holga!
  • new tomzies
  • denim shawts
  • new perfume
  • a few packs of 600 film
  • short boots
  • moar hemp
  • headphones, being on the larger side if at awl possible
  • old light bulbs that don't work anymore to hang from my ceiling on string!
  • on the road, naked lunch, peter pan, alice in wonderland, little women, cat's cradle, the sound and the fury, junky, sylvia plath journals
  • a person to belong to!
  • string and clothes pins
  • various colors of American Apparel deep v's
apr 14 2009 ∞
jun 5 2009 +
  • when a catarpiller sees a butterfly...does it know?
  • "You know how subatomic particles don’t obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere, and bang! Energy! That’s the great thing about the universe. It’s unpredictable. That’s why it’s so much fun."
  • I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.
  • i am always thinking. when i am not speaking, i am thinking. i have opinions about this place, about all of you.
  • Put one drop of poison into the purest water, and what happens to the rest?
apr 12 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • Rocket Science
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Lars and the Real Girl
  • The Darjeeling Limited
  • Brick
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Into the Wild
  • Milk
  • Amelie
  • El Orphano
  • Driving Lessons
  • Paprika
  • Spirited Away
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Schindler's List
  • Rabbit Proof Fence
  • Wristcutters: A Love Story
  • V for Vendetta
  • Bee Season
apr 8 2009 ∞
may 25 2009 +
  • paper towns
  • the glass castle
  • the burn journals
  • the color of water
  • love in the time of cholera
  • the namesake
  • the bell jar
  • possible side effects
  • towelhead
  • invisible monsters
  • naked lunch
  • extremely loud and incredibly close
  • slaughterhouse-five
  • everything is illuminated: a novel
apr 1 2009 ∞
jul 7 2009 +
  • the contented feeling you get when you know you're being yourself and not pretending at all
  • the even better feeling you get when you notice that everyone really likes the real you
  • sentences like "I am yours and you are mine"
  • the potential
  • writing down and praying for people you encounter through the week; Your friends, the lady you sat beside on the bus, the guy working at starbucks
  • making big lists to remind yourself of things, like memories from the summer or everything about someone that makes you smile
  • finding things you thought you lost
  • people who are willing to walk beside me and offer their jacket on a cold day
  • standing so close to someone that you can...
may 11 2009 ∞
may 11 2009 +
  • The Giving Tree
  • Goodnight Moon
  • The Little Prince
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Aesop's Fables
  • Peter Pan
  • Oh, the Places You'll Go!
  • Chicka Chick Boom Boom
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Little Bear! awhz
apr 15 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • hogwarts
  • dunder mifflin
  • magic wands
  • great hall feasts
  • willy wonka's factory
  • lickable wallpaper
  • 100 acre wood
  • busy town
  • invisibility cloaks
  • diagon alley

so what if i'm watching Harry Potter on HBO right now instead of doing my algebra homework?

> we'll turn off our mobiles, extract every penny from the bank by pretending to be our parents and calling up the trust fund and jump on a train at a ridiculously early time in the morning. and when the police are called, we will hide and kiss and drive away to California or Colorado or anywhere. It might be cold and rainy bu...

apr 14 2009 ∞
apr 21 2009 +
  • Go to Japan with you
  • Go to Austin City Limits with you
  • Go to Coachella with you
  • Drive cross-country with you
  • Spend more holidays with you
  • Tie dye all over again with you
  • Set foot on every continent with you
  • Learn to throw a boomerang with you
  • Go to Grapevine Lake with you
  • See the best bands alive with you
  • Spend time at a lakehouse with you
  • Go swimming with all clothes on with you
  • Play Animal Crossing with you
  • Tell secrets with you
  • Watch fireflies light their bums up with you
  • Go boating with you
  • Create something new with you
  • Go fishing with you
  • Paint with you (teach me your ways, oh mighty one)
apr 14 2009 ∞
apr 14 2009 +
  • the dragon blanket
  • the red shirt i got at the Holocaust museum in Houston that has "Coexist" written on it
  • the golden locket
  • the silver ring with the cross and the heart
  • the soft, grey, beaded/velveteen trimmed hoodie
  • my Spirited Away dvd
  • all of those notes from middle school
  • a few close friends
  • that piece of paper i had in my hand yesterday
apr 10 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • having a career that is constantly challenging, changing, and exciting
  • making a difference in other people's life, or at least one person
  • being old enough to know love, but young enough to enjoy it
  • living somewhere quiet but close to a city
  • living somewhere beautiful
  • having a relatively simplistic house
  • living a life that is not controlled by material things
  • drinking wine on a beach with people i love
  • living more on the outside of my home, i.e. by doing things outside more, going out more, finding things to do in the fresh air
  • doing things that are nutritious for my body, mind, and soul

actually, i think i really believe that i...

apr 2 2009 ∞
apr 14 2009 +
  • propriety
  • lava
  • ridiculous
  • yarn
  • marble
  • inviolate
  • fizzle
  • filmy
  • opaque
  • elusive
  • luminous
  • placid
  • infallible
  • cobweb (it's a pretty word to me, hush up!)
  • submerge
  • dire
  • cable
  • friction
  • spout
  • advocate
jun 5 2009 ∞
jun 5 2009 +
  • the way ice cubes melt instantly against flesh on a hot summer day
  • the inexplicable relaxing effects of running your fingers through someone’s hair
  • lying your head on someone’s chest; the gentle rise and fall of breath and hearing the steady beat of their heart
  • how people and families have a distinct smell and walking into the house of someone you love is like swimming through air full of their essence
  • that moment when you stand up and all the blood rushes to your head and you feel dizzy and drunk and like time is moving in slow motion but you can’t do anything about the edges of your vision being blurred and then it’s gone before you even realize it
  • how the shape of some names in your mouth makes them taste sweeter than others
apr 29 2009 ∞
apr 29 2009 +
  • afternoon naps
  • sun through the windows
  • cameras
  • cardigans
  • coffee shops
  • coincidences
  • driving aimlessly, windows down
  • laying in fields
  • adventure seeking
  • story telling
  • the lake
  • the d0me
  • nostalgia
  • old photos
  • last year's polaroids
  • librarians
  • sitting indian style
  • passion tea
  • flea markets and antique shops
  • the moon, the sky, the clouds and the stars
apr 15 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • write a letter to myself, envelope it and everything. particularly on really swell days and days that are just the pits. read them in the future. letters from the past.
  • cover my walls in beautiful things i find / have / ect. such as: polaroids, photographs, drawings, notes, strings, ripped pages.
  • make a collage notebook. it'll be time consuming...but fun...perhaps more time consuming than fun. but atleast there's a possibility it'll be pretty?
  • actually finish "wreck that journal"
  • draw what i think is inside of everyone i meet/acknowledge/consider significant. and by "what i think is inside of" i don't mean literally...more like: if bodies were actually made of ideas and objects and other things of the like, what would this particular person's be?
apr 14 2009 ∞
apr 23 2009 +
  • am flood and fire
  • have weak wrists ;(
  • bruise easily
  • have small nasal cavities
  • have panic attacks sometimes
  • do not trust myself with numbers
  • like soft shorts and deep v-neck tee's
  • do not like ant piles >;0
  • refuse to complete anything prior to the last minute
  • don't have time to read books anymore
  • am car crash fiber glass
  • don't mind being late
  • mind being alone
  • am doing this to easily neglect a physics project
  • hate when people wink
  • love when people wink!
apr 12 2009 ∞
apr 15 2009 +
  • getting teeth x-rays at the dentist
  • accidentally touching wet gum under desks
  • Hollister-worshipping, awkwardness-emitting, full-of-themselves middle schoolers
  • when people don't say "bless you" after i sneeze
  • people who ASSUME you're going to give them rides
  • people who assume you're going to give them anything
  • misuse of authority (HA, really, who does like this...?)
  • people who feel like they're above everything and everyone for any reason at all
  • people who constantly put others down
  • people who continuously rave on about themselves (good & bad) 24/7
  • orange people / spray on tans
  • teachers who don't teach
  • people who want things but don't care eno...
apr 2 2009 ∞
apr 14 2009 +