• write a letter to myself, envelope it and everything. particularly on really swell days and days that are just the pits. read them in the future. letters from the past.
  • cover my walls in beautiful things i find / have / ect. such as: polaroids, photographs, drawings, notes, strings, ripped pages.
  • make a collage notebook. it'll be time consuming...but fun...perhaps more time consuming than fun. but atleast there's a possibility it'll be pretty?
  • actually finish "wreck that journal"
  • draw what i think is inside of everyone i meet/acknowledge/consider significant. and by "what i think is inside of" i don't mean literally...more like: if bodies were actually made of ideas and objects and other things of the like, what would this particular person's be?
apr 14 2009 ∞
apr 23 2009 +