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a tsukikage/kagetsuki fanfiction rec list! truly just personal preference here! i hope you enjoy them though ♡

this is NOT in order. i just compiled. no favoritism in this world, only tsukikage food

(i will add more recent ones when i get back to my reading groove. for now im still looking for the ones ive read to put them on here.)



  • Some things don’t change but we never stay the same by notquiteintoxicated
    • Six years after graduating from Karasuno High School, Tsukishima works for a monthly sports magazine while Kageyama is the reclusive rising star of professional volleyball. When Kageyama’s rookie pro volleyball team wins the championship, Tsukishima is tasked to secure the interview with his former teammate.
      • rated T; 32 chapters; 57.8k words; slow burn
  • A Party Song by allythecatx, crackpairingprincess
    • Tsukishima couldn’t make himself look away from Kageyama’s eyes. They were wide and blue and just so goddamn innocent it made Tsukishima’s heart thrum in his ears and before he had time to figure out exactly what he was doing, he had plucked the cigarette from Kageyama’s mouth, leaning in far too close.
      • rated E; 10 chapters; 37.1K words
  • One Court, Two Kings by volleydorks
    • Every night, when the crowds are gone and the athletes are resting, Kageyama steps onto the court, grabs a volleyball and plays a game all by himself. (view link for full summary)
      • rated M; 30 chapters; 75.7k words; iwaoi
  • i've always been this heartless / no i would never call it love by milkywei
    • It is Valentine's week and Tsukishima Kei needs a quick way out of confessions. It is not that he has no interest in dating (stop rubbing his 'single-since-birth' status in his poor face, Yamaguchi), he just does not think he can date anyone he does not feel a 'zing' with. (view link for full summary)
      • rated T; 8 chapters; 27.8k words; fake-dating
  • Teenage Dream by Blueismybusiness
    • Kageyama is a first year university student who meets Tsuki, a professional boxer, by chance. Kageyama is a bit...obsessed and Tsuki is an asshole. They get it together. Eventually.
      • rated E; 10 chapters; 57.3k words
  • compromise by akanemnida
    • In his third year of high school, Tsukishima Kei figures out how to walk the fine line between his realistic-bordering-on-pessimistic tendencies and his ever-so-slightly unattainable dreams.
      • rated G; 3 chapters; 14k words; character study, slow burn
  • Beautiful Creatures by SongsOfAdelaide
    • In which the Shadow King Tobio takes quite a liking to the Sun Emperor Shouyou's White Wizard Kei, so much that he would even tolerate his guts and awfully blatant disrespect. (view link to see full summary)
      • rated T; 2 chapters; 13.1k; fantasy AU, magic elements
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder by KoibitoDream
    • The world of priceless sculptures, fine art and great masters of the brush is a fickle one, they all come to discover, when one day a painting ends up stolen and one keen eyed restaurateur kidnapped in the process. Oikawa owns one and employs the other. But one of those things has the greatest value. The people behind the theft have no doubts which one.
      • rated T ; 30 chapters; 49.4k words

WORKS-IN-PROGRESS (as someone who doesnt like unfinished fics, i really like these ones aaaa so i think that says a lot)

  • The Moon and the Star by Ravensoul
    • Kageyama is the “King of the Court,” rumored to be the best setter to ever join one of Japan's most elite men’s volleyball teams. Tsukishima is an irritating thorn in his side, an overly persistent journalist and photographer for Karasuno Monthly Sports Magazine who turned up at his bedroom window one night and somehow became a constant in Kageyama’s life.
      • rated G; 6/9 chapters; 26.6k words; celeb/paparazzi AU
  • provisional paradise by tangerines
    • The last thing Tsukishima Kei wants after being back in Japan again after 4 years is to get herded into more marriage dates by his grandmother. The last thing Kageyama Tobio expects after dedicating his whole life towards volleyball is getting injured with a low chance of full recovery, and getting booted off his team. The last thing Tsukishima Kei and Kageyama Tobio expect to happen when they meet again after 4 years is for marriage to be an appealing option for both their problems.
      • rated E; 6/10 chapters; 96.7k words; fake marriage AU
  • helter skelter by lavendori
    • A few days after a typical argument breaks out between Kageyama and Tsukishima, the two of them wake one morning to mysterious circumstances and an unwelcome surprise.
      • rated T; 5/? chapters; 32.7k words; body-swap AU
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